Sunday, May 23, 2010

Are You A Good WHITCH or a Bad WHITCH?

Today the Good Whitch has come to visit. I ask if she is Glinda the Good Witch...Nooo...She is Cassandra the Gud Whitch, a sistah to Glinda.

I wonder what kind of spells this magical miss can work. Hmmmm...lemme chechk in this box an see if der's sum mahgick in dere. Ohhh..there iss...there isss some mahgick in heah.

What kind of magic, I wonder...Seacrut mahgick..iss so seacrut that effen I cahn't see it!

I gonna put the top bachk on the box now, Nana.

HEY! Where did my phat baby go? Hers was here just a minute ago! Dos ellffs takeded her!

Those darned elves are always playing tricks on the Princess when she is deeply engrossed in her special "business"!

Someday soon I'm afraid she will figure out that Nana and the elves are on a first name basis and always seem to be up to the same tricks!

But~just for today~she is a believer in all that is marvelous and magical.

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1 comment:

Natalie said...

Ohhhhh :) So sweet! I can't wait for our girls to be big enough to be princesses and good witches :)

LOVE the way you "talk" like she does!