Monday, December 22, 2014

The Train- Stops Here-Merry Christmas To You

I know you have all heard of the famous
Well this is 

I am the person that never 
gets anything.
Well, THIS THING got me good!

It got me so good
that I couldn't get a deep breath
without coughing so hard I
lost what breath I had-
so I drove myself to the
ER the other night.

is called PNEUMONIA.
I am taking off for the Holidays
to try and be well for Christmas.
I wish you all a 
Me & My Truck
will be staying home!
I'll see you all after the Holiday.
Be well and I hope you all have a safe and happy 
Christmas Season.

~Blessings from my family to yours~
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Sunday, December 21, 2014


I know most of you probably
already know how to do this.
But...there are a few of you 
(like me) that fall far below the level of

I have  followers that I 
to be able to read my blog-
or comment on my posts.
Yeah- mean old me.
Many of them have names that I cannot read
and when translated they basically
ask me to support and/or visit their website.
Some are porn and some support 
foreign missions asking for guns and money.
They need lives but they are not
going to find a life on my blog.

You need to get to your dashboard.
I am embarrassed to tell you that it took me a while
just to figure out how to do that.

Open your blog. 
Go up to the upper right hand corner of your blog.
Click on DESIGN.
On the next screen you will see
MY BLOGS on the upper left hand side.
Click on MY BLOGS.
You will see your blog and the word followers.
Click on followers.
Start scrolling through them.
When you get to the end of the first page
click on MORE then click on NEXT.
When you see someone you want to remove
simply click on their icon.
Click on BLOCK them.
That's it.
You can UN-block them the same way
any time you choose.

To resume looking for others click the arrow in the upper left hand corner
and click on followers again.
Follow the same procedure until you have removed
everyone you want to remove.

I also blocked two bloggers
 that have been coming in
and leaving nasty comments
 about other people's comments.
I don't have time for that and I don't like controversy or drama.
So-byebye to them, too.

So, now they will have to stir it up somewhere else.

I "lost" about a dozen followers 
(make that 14 followers)
doing this.
They are still there but they are in a
and they can't get through unless I unblock them.
HA!  Ain't gonna happen, baby!

So---there you have it!
Block till your little heart's content.
But don't block ME!!!!  lol

When that person comes to visit you next time
after you have blocked them
this is basically what they will see
only it will have your blog name on it.
So---there you have it.
If this blonde can do it-
You can, too.,

Laying low and trying to dump this cough
before Christmas!
After all, I want to be able to wear my
on Christmas Day, right?
MyHero will be dressed in his regular
outfit. He is going as 
The Caped Crusader:
At least he and his buddy are dumping
their masks for the day.
Have a wonderful Sunday!
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Saturday, December 20, 2014


I have tried probably 10 or 12 different 

caramel recipes

over the years.

Sometimes the caramels turned out

and they set up perfectly.

Often, however, 

they never really hardened properly.

I have made this recipe at least 25 times

 over the years.


It is easy and doesn't require much work.

The secret is your microwave

instead of a saucepan.
The most important thing to remember 

is to use a


I have a Pyrex one with a pouring spout on it.

I use the 2 quart one.

Using anything smaller it might bubble over.

Everything that is measured out

is in 1/2 cup increments.

Melt 1/2 cup butter

in your Pyrex dish..

Remove from microwave.

Add 1/2 cup Karo syrup,

1/2 cup light brown sugar,

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup sweetened CONDENSED MILK

(NOT evaporated milk)

Stir until mixed and dissolved.

Microwave on high 3-1/2 minutes.

Stir down.

Microwave on high 3-1/2 more minutes.

Remove from the microwave. 
Add 1/2 teaspoon vanilla (I use a full tsp)

Add 1/2 cup chopped nuts-if desired- I don't.

Stir gently until few air bubbles remain.

That's it folks!


Is that the easiest candy recipe
you have ever seen?

Pour into 8x8 buttered dish.

Refrigerate until set.

You can also use one of those card boxes

to give as a gift,

It will fill at least 2, maybe 3, boxes.

Here is how I fill those boxes.

Otherwise, once it sets up

cut into squares and wrap 

individual squares in waxed paper cut to size.

Kind of like taffy.

That is------

You can wrap these if they last long enough.

Ours never seem to make it to the

wrapped stage!
These are some of the tastiest caramels 

I have ever had.

We had a little taste test one year with

three kinds-one purchased,
one made the"old fashioned stove top" way

and my own.

Dan was so smug that his
"old-fashioned ones" 

and KNEW they were going to win.

I was nice about it and very gracious

when I won.

I only called him a LOSER once

to his face.

Guess what?

That makes ME a winner!


I am


I hope my new outfit comes in before

the next big


Not sure that I will dye my hair though!
I will do a post tomorrow on 

How To Block Bloggers 

From Visiting Your Blog

and/or Leaving Comments.

hmmm-I might be cutting off my nose to 

spite my face when some of you block me! lol

I am laying low today-

trying to get rid a this crazy cough I have

had for TWO WEEKS.

We don't need a barking dog at our house

to scare off intruders.

I just open the door and 

hack at them.

Hope you have a hack-free day!
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Friday, December 19, 2014

FINISH IT UP FRIDAY- 5 Random Things And Blocking A Blogger

I am still cleaning up my picture files.
They are looking better all the time. we go....some
to keep me on task.

Here are BigBoyE, CharlesInCharge 
& Bright Eyes.
Looks like Ethan is the only one that got the
SMILE for the photo memo.
See that striped sweater Charlie as on?
Keep that in the back of your mind.
Their Dad's (Big J) favorite Christmas decoration
is every man's dream 
(and every woman's nightmare)
It stays above ground for exactly 30 days
before it is deep-sixed to the basement
to wait for next year to roll around.
My daughter is a smart girl.
She knows how to pick her battles.
Every little girl needs 
Bright Eyes is no exception.
One for her solemn look and one for smiles.
I wanted to give a little belated Thank You 
to my friend, Louise, Cards by Louise
She is just such a sweet lady 
and keeps herself busy making cards.
SweetCheeks could not wait 
until Thanksgiving was over
so she could eat the Hershey Bar.
I saved the Pilgrim and she
saved ate the candy.
Now---remember I told you to keep that
red & white striped sweater 
stored in the back of your mind for later?
You can bring it forefront now.
This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE pictures
of SweetCheeks in
The family had just cut 
the Christmas tree down and she
was trudging along behind.
Upon hearing her yelling they turned around
and this is what they saw.
She was caught in the bushes 
and didn't know how
to get out.
I laugh EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I see this picture.
SweetCheeks still DOES NOT think it is funny.

I think I am going to have to buy her a
for Christmas!

Have a great Friday.
I finished a lot of my projects yesterday 
SOOOO I hope to take pictures of the
and post them tomorrow.

edited to add:
Do you ever get those crummy comments
where there is tie-back to someone's blog
that you would NEVER promote in a
million years?
Did you know that you can block followers?
I just took 5 or 6 of them off.
Of course, your follower count goes down
but that doesn't bother me.
I never realized I could block them.
IF you want to know how and don't know
I can do a quick post about how to do it.

That's it- I'm off to eat ice cream
and watch soap operas like
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing.
~(is that even on anymore)~

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Girls Hit The City- CHICAGO

My daughter and her hubby
and the three girls
took a much needed break
from the stresses of everyday life.

While some of us looking for rest and relaxation
might head for the beach or a cabin
they headed for CHICAGO!

is gorgeous.
The girls were so excited to go
and they had a ball.
I hope they get that growth removed
from the top of Lulu's head
before it gets out of control.
I can see Lulu rolling her eyes right now.
Her literal side would insist on telling me,
"That's a REFLECTION, Nana"

They saw some beautiful lights-
and visited some wonderful exhibits
and each one got some one on one time with Mom
While the girls were shopping at 
Little Cousin CJK, who was left behind,
had an exciting time, too.
He got to make his first cash purchase at
(that would be Fleet Farm)
There might have been a mini-meltdown
in the parking lot when he realized that he 
play with his new toy while he was buckled in
his carseat.

However-all those exciting moments
to THIS!

and roaming the aisles of 
Although something looks a little fishy here to me.
 Those girls should have stayed home.
They could have seen history in the making!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

HERE IT IS! How To Wrap Socks So They Are Something Special

Every year I like to post this little
-ahem- tutorial on wrapping 

Prepare to spend a lot of time
after you read this!

Is there anything more

mundane to wrap than SOCKS????

You KNOW that

you just don't want to

stick them in box

with a bow on it.


Look! Here's an answer to

your wrapping dilemma.
Well, peeps,

Here we go~

First you must get a sock..

well, make it a pair because

one sock won't work for

MOST people.

How about something like

these-?  Cute, huh?

Then you must find some of

those short peppermint sticks.

You can buy them or

someone might send them to you.
Then you must let the

peppermint stick


the SOCK!
Before you can say


that peppermint stick

has jumped into the sock

and worked its way down

into the toe.

Can you see it there?

I've pinched it to make it stay

and now I am gonna roll

that little sucker up
into what I like to call

Well, GREAT, we got ourselves 


NOW- what the heck are do we do with that?

There's another kinda roll

lying around my house

cuz I've been saving them.

Used toilet paper rolls.

No..No..Not used toilet paper..

Used up empty rolls.

They look like this when they are naked.
Don't worry about that little bit of

white tissue left-you won't see it soon.

Find some foil based wrapping paper.

Foil works best because you can

bend the edges down and you

don't have to glue/tape it

lest you want to.

Wrap that foil paper around

that roll leaving about 1/3"

extending over each end.
Simply bend the paper down

so that it overlaps the edge of the roll.
You will not see this when it is

done but you can glue/tape if if you like.


Sneak up on those socks and

stuff them in the roll.

A roll in a roll.

I'm just keeping myself rolling here!;>)

Remember you won't see this at the end.
Then, take some sweet tissue paper

and cut an 18" x 18" piece~

or thereabouts.

Center the roll in the middle and

starting at one end,

roll that baby up and then

twist the ends so that it

looks like a big old fat

piece of taffy.

Toilet Taffy

Laffy Taffy!
Now is that cute, or what?

I only need to tie a bit of ribbon

around the twist and I'm done.
And, when it's unwrapped

they will see the shiny foil roll

and NOT this..
Cuz the only place we

REALLY want to see THAT

is in the bathroom.

And we don't even really want

to see it there because that

would mean that someone

like MyHero..

not pointing fingers here but it

has happened

has used the last piece on

the roll
 and neglected to replace

it and there is none to be found

making me want to scream

bad words...naughty words...

Okay-that's it-

Now get rolling and wrapping

cuz there's not much time left!

And I'll just say a little prayer for you

to have to go to the bathroom

a whole lotta times

(if you need empty rolls

to wrap your socks)

cuz I am just nice like that!;>)

You can always TRY this if you need

empty rolls in a hurry!
I am just FULL of .......what

good advice!

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