Friday, May 21, 2010

Hanging Out

You probably thought I was talking about laying around and doing nothing, didn't you? C' KNOW you did! You thought-Yep-she is talking about sitting around on her lazy butt and doing nothing except exercising her jaws. Well, baby, you are WRONG...DEAD wrong! I am talking about hanging the clothes out...on a clothesline. A real honest-to-goodness clothesline! Not one of those wimpy cotton cords tied between 2 trees that let me down every time I hang sheets on them. Not the ones under the trees that allows the birds to play tricks on what I ate today-blueberries or corn...Yep...gonna fix those little suckers good...they can take their games next door where they dry their sheets on a deck heard me right-a deck post. I, personally, want a post-in-the-ground whoop-de-doo REAL clothesline!
As you can see above, X marks the spot where this baby is gonna go.
Let's see-what else do we need? Oh...a digger-yes...we need a digger....any old digger would do but MyHero seems to have been drafted (er-I mean volunteered) to dig! He is a good digger.

I wish he would dig me up a little gold whilst he was digging cuz I sure would like a new car...huh...what...oh...back to the clothesline.

Next we need cement. What? You can't find the cement? It was waiting in the garage for you for 3-1/2 years. Perhaps it got tired of waiting and ran off with a mixer. Too to our favorite (sometimes) handy-dandy pick-it-up-cuz-you-need-it store.

There she is- The Home Depot...
waiting...ready...and full of everything you might never need.

What next, you ask? Why an inspector, of course! One dressed as a Princess might do. She is a good inspector. Hmmmppffff....something is not quite right here. Papa, you lefted sum durt in dat hole buut I gonna fhix it foar yoah!

Wait-Yoah using the lwittle shoahvel..das whass wrong...yoah gotta use the BIG (holding hands about 4' apart) shoahvel- See-lwike dis! (See instructor below)

Let's not get our Princess dresses dirty! "Nana.we bettarh go inside while Papa mixtes up the SEEment".
Good idea...maybe we could have some
Octopus on the Rocks for lunch, huh? (please check this recipe out-it is to die for)

Princess-Who-Knows-Everything and I troop inside to keep our beautiful gowns clean and dry. You can picture me in my Cinderella gown..sorry no pictures available but I look SOOO much like that all of the time.

MyHero got the cement mixed up and poured in the hole. It is leveled out and good to go...wait...wait...we almost forgot the most important thing-we have to leave our handprint...otherwise how will anyone know who supervised and helped make this dream a reality?
As Annie sang...Tomorrow, just a day away...and tomorrow I shall have line-dried sheets...Ah...the sweet, sweet smell of line dried things. I will bury my nose in them and inhale for it is a smell like none other on Earth. It is the smell of fresh air & sunshine -Heaven on Earth- Amen!
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Jettie said...

Now I know what I've been doing wrong all these years. I have never put my clothesline up with seement...and I've gone out to hang my sheets only to find that my dear spouse has removed my line, and put some car stuff up in that spot. I'm good at digging, and good at mixing, so maybe if I can get my spouse to go somewhere without me some day soon, I'll do some diggin and a mixin, and he'll come home to a permanent fixture in the yard. Those birds love Mulberries, and around here purple spots seem to show up, if you are under the trees.