Saturday, November 30, 2013


First of all-
Thank you for your prayers.
Here is our boy-o tonight.
I want to give a 
Lauren @ Simply LKJ

She mentioned Kristin @
that was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease. 
It is rare and strikes about 2,000-4,000
children a year-usually boys.

Because of that comment on my blog
CJK was re-evaluated yesterday and
they started him on an IVGV infusion
for the treatment of Kawasaki Disease.

When I went in this morning he said
"Nana" and smiled when I gave him a
Spongebob Squarepants pillow.
He had never watched Spongebob until
he was sitting in the hospital room and 
he was fascianted with him.
Now he has one of his very own.

They "think" it is Kawasaki's and the  symptoms
seem to point that way.
They will have to follow up to make sure 
there is no artery or heart damage-
that is the biggest side effect.

He MAY need a blood transfusion tomorrow
but we are hoping his blood count comes up tonight
so that he doesn't require that.

He still has some liver abnormalities
so please continue to pray that he
heals completely.

Thank you all so much.
Sometimes I wonder WHY I blog.
I am not all that great at any one thing.
I post about my grandkids and 
and yet...
when I had a sick grandchild
BLOGGING may have saved his life,
because without Laurel mentioning
Kristin's son,  they might not 
have reacted in time to save 
little CJK's heart from severe damage.
I always knew God was part of blogging!
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Friday, November 29, 2013


I am home for the night.
This will be short and sweet.

CJK is holding his own.
They are still not sure what is making
him sick but he ate about 
1/2 cup of applesauce today
and a 1/2 slice of toast.
It's the first thing he has eaten
since Sunday.

His temperature keeps spiking when
the meds wear off
and he is pretty lethargic.
They did more tests on him today
and, hopefully, tomorrow 
we will have some answers.

We want to see him and 
Daddy smiling like this again soon.

Thank you for your continuing prayers.
Please continue to pray.
I believe in the healing power
of God and thanks to all of
you that have put him on prayer chains.
I KNOW that you are praying 
for him and all of us
I am closing the comments 
so that you don't have to respond
this time
Thank you and we love you all!
I will give you another update
tomorrow night when I get home.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013


First of all,
Thank you all so much.
I cannot believe how many of you have reached
out to me and my family with your prayers
for this little boy, CJK,
who sat here with us eating 
just a few short days ago.
I wish I could respond to each of you individually
and, eventually, I will.
Right now all my energy is going towards
seeing our family through this medical mystery.

My grandson, CJK, remains a sick little boy.
They are trying to figure out why he is so sick.
He has a recurring fever that flares as soon
as the meds wears off.
The thing that has them worried though
is that his blood work numbers remain high.
They are flooding his little body with one
heavy antibiotic after another to try to
stop whatever it is that has attacked him.

His little lips are swollen and sore from fever
so he can't eat or drink.
He would not take his pacifier because it
hurt him to suck on it.

His parents are worn out but holding up well.
They are  doing a marvelous job
in handling this but
all of our hearts are heavy
as we look at this little boy in pain
and stand by helplessly,
unable to do anything to help him.

We are all praying hard but know 
that he will be in the pediatric unit 
for several more days.

Please continue to pray for 
our sweet little baby boy.
Pray that God will give the medical team
the wherewithal to figure out 
what is wrong with him
and treat him accordingly.

Today is Thanksgiving and I am so thankful
that God has blessed us with this child-
with all our children and grandchildren.
We are richly blessed and know that 
our little guy is in His hands.

I want to see him here, like this,
He loves his Nana and his Nana
loves him!
Thank you again for all your prayers
and support.
I truly love you all.
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


My little grandson is VERY sick.
He went into the hospital last night
and was admitted into the 
Intensive Care Unit 
this morning.

They don't know what is wrong
with him so they are doing a 
battery of tests.

Some of his blood work numbers
are off the charts.

Please pray that they can find out
what is wrong with him and 
pray that they are able to find
the correct measures needed
to make him well.

I will come back as I can and 
let you know what is going on.

God bless you all.
Happy Thanksgiving to you if I don't 
get back before then.
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The Winners- Pick Your Favorite

Well,  you know-
No matter WHAT table setting you picked yesterday

I tallied all the votes that came in before
this morning.
I was not too surprised at the results.
The winner was #4
I loved that one, too.

There were three that ran neck to neck.
I have a lot of fun with this.
I knew that THE ONE BELOW
would get at least ONE VOTE
I put this on there with her in mind.
Anyone know who voted for this one?

picked that one.  I KNEW she would!
She is my MacKenzie Childs lover 
of checks and colors..

Well, ladies (and at least one gent, RON),
I had a sweet, sick little baby boy here Sunday
and all day yesterday so I am a tad behind.

Bear with me as I try to get around to visit.
After yesterday,
I am changing the name of my home from
House On The Bay
Nana's Pukearama.

Shall I reserve you a room?
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Breath Of Christmas Tour

Every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving
my three girls and I  go on a
Christmas Tour.

The homes are always beautiful and 
have been professionally decorated for the
Christmas Season by different shops and stores
in our area.

I won't bore you with a lot of talk
but here are a few of the beautiful ideas that
Breath Of Christmas
Have you seen those candles that have the "flame"
on a little wire and it moves according to how much
heat the little light below it puts out!
It looks like a real flame!

Sorry about the quality of pictures that follow.
It was a wonderful day.

Oh! The sights we saw!
From feathered Dining Room
To Simple Kitchen
Yeah- It WAS fun to see the 
You know what ELSE 
made us catch our breath?

My daughter-in-law wondered
if people don't really look
at themselves in the mirror.
A girl had on jeans that were
she could hardly walk.
No- they were NOT leggings-
they were good old Levi jeans!
I had a picture on here early
this morning but decided it wasn't
very nice to show you someone's butt
so I took it off.
(the picture not the butt)

MyHero says my wicked 
sense of humor is going to
backfire on me one day.
I am sure it will-
hopefully, not today,
that's why I took the 
"tight jeans on a butt" 
picture off my blog!

You wanted to see it , huh?
Well, there's an old saying-
You snooze-you lose.
Sorry, sleepyhead!

Packer Game today
so I will visit later in the day!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday Mama's Boy

Here you were, minutes after birth.

Look at that head of hair!

You had chubby little cheeks

and loved your rocking horse.

You loved the swimming pool

when we lived in Florida.

You were SO sad when we told you

that you were too big for

a sink bath.

One day we turned around

and you were five.



At six you loved playing ball.

And although you played soccer

for ELEVEN years.

(yes I was a soccer Mom

I never missed a match)

I could not find a single

picture of you in one of

your soccer uniforms.

You were a rabbit


for so many years that I lost track

of how many bunny costumes I made.

The years flew by.

You grew up into a fine young man.

We were over the moon

when you married

the girl we all love. your sisters had

children you became a

wonderful Uncle..

because you still have a lot of

'KID' in you.

But the biggest blessing 

in your life

(besides marrying your sweet wife)

is that you have a precious

little son of your own.

And HE loves his Nana!

Now I know

that you are looking forward

to owning THIS someday..

You even give SweetCheeks a ride in it

sometimes just so you can enjoy it...

But-It's not gonna be your birthday present

this year cuz...

I might be OLD but

I ain't dead yet!

Happy Birthday, Son!

You are loved and you are a 

wonderful son!

(But not enough to get my car)

One of these years I will announce 

that it is YOURS 

 on my blog

and you can come pick it up-

it'll be yours!

You will have 15 seconds to call and

claim your prize after the post shows up.

Good luck!
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Romantic Homes November 2013- Where Is The Blogger Feature

For years when you opened 
the first few pages of
you were greeted by 
small profiles of different bloggers.
They have QUIT profiling bloggers
like they once did..
Romantic Homes, are you listening?
We (bloggers) LOVED that feature!

I found so many wonderful blogs
through their magazine introductions..
Blogs I would NEVER have discovered otherwise.

Their November cover, however, 
is as beautiful as always
and I will tell you about that blogger
later on in this post.
Inside there are articles that feature
several of my fellow bloggers.
I have loved Elyse Major since 
I first discovered her blog
If you purchase the magazine,
 there is a tutorial on
how to make this:
Our Elyse is sumthin'!

There is also a seven page feature on Anja's
She has a beautiful home in Germany.
The magazine article is full of beauty.
Here is one more sneak peak 
into Anjia's life.

I have been following 
for a while now.
Not only is she talented,
 she is a lovely person.
Her home is on the cover above AND
she has a SIXTEEN PAGE spread!
Yes!  You read that right! 16 pages.
Here is one little reason 
WHY she got so much press.
Cindy, Can I come sit at your table if I promise to behave?

I cannot for the life of me figure out 
who this house belongs to 
unless it is the stylist, 
There is no mention (that I could see) 
of the owner's name.
If I missed the name I apologize.
Anyway, the table below caught my eye,
as did the light above it.
My daughter has that set-only her seat covers are 
cream needle point with a floral much like this one.
It belonged to her paternal 
Great-Grandmother Hazel.
We enjoyed many meals sitting there 
during the Holidays.

And-when it was in GG Hazel's house
THAT same light fixture hung above the table.
The hospital bought the house and we were able
to save the light fixture.  
We used it in a house we rehabbed 
and the new owners
requested that we leave it there when 
we sold them the house- we did.

And, last but not least,
Susan Frick has an article called 
Silver Bells
She has a blog called Evelyn & Rose, too.
Here is just a snippet of what she had published.
I did not know her before but I am follower now!

So, there you have it-
November's issue of Romantic Homes.
Come back tomorrow and I'll show you 
what I am up to now!

Who said I was up to

Be careful what you say- Santa is watching-
I'd hate to see you get coal in your stocking-
unless that's what you want, of course!
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweet Cheeks Has A New Home-It's French!!!

I didn't post about this earlier 
because I wanted to make sure that the 
sale was secured.

As of the end of December.
 my grandchildren
will live 30 miles away 
instead of about 5 miles away.
They will have a new home...and
OH! What a home it is.
Here is a sneak preview.-
Front of the house-
Back of the house-
Foyer entry has a grand stairway
and the foyer is round.
The wallpaper has been removed
since this picture was taken.

It has 4 LARGE bedrooms and 3 full baths
AND an in-ground pool.
It's an amazing house-sits on a few acres and 
overlooks the city.
It is a feast for the eyes on a clear night
to look out and see the city all lit up.
They can even see Lambeau Field-
although not THIS close!
It's way off to the righ in the picture above.
That's important in this area
because even my son-in-law owns one of  these...
Oh- Yeah- 
They don't call us  
Stupid Cheddar Heads Cheeseheads
for nothing!

I'll be back to show you more of the house 
in a few days or so.
It is going to be AMAZING!
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