Saturday, October 27, 2018


I have followed Wanda
for several years and,
let me tell you,
she is a wonderful person.

She is a Christian lady,
an artist, and I think she is a

She is always praying for others
but is now requesting prayers
for her hubby, Don.
Here is he with their son,  Myk.
Is it me or is there a real resemblance there?

It has been quite a journey for 
them as they have gone done one avenue and another
trying to find out exactly what is wrong with Don.
 Wanda is asking 
that we pray that they can 
pinpoint and treat his 
medical needs.

Here is what she wrote
in a recent post.
I want to thank each and everyone of you that have prayed for my dearest.  It's been a long haul, but I do believe we are getting some clarification and answers now that we have seen the lung specialists.  Linda Shin, MD has taken Don's symptoms very seriously, and has ordered a Cat Scan, breathing tests, cultures of the mucus he has been spitting for a long time.  Waiting for referrals, and tests can be taxing, but I'm so thankful to have someone who is going to get to the bottom of his lung issue.

Please take a moment and say a prayer
for Don AND for Wanda, too.
We all know how hard the 
caretaker and/or spouse's job can be.

If you are not inclined to pray,
please send healing thoughts 
and peaceful wishes.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.
Thank you all so much!
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Wednesday, October 24, 2018



For my 50th birthday
(don't ask when THAT was)
my family and friends
threw a huge bash.
My brother came from
out East and friends from Florida
and around the area showed up
to surprise me.

One of the things that
surprised me most was
this watercolor that
my friend, Carol, asked
an artist friend of ours
to paint.

When Carol said she wanted
a painting of Bittersweet,
Lois Christensen, the artist,
about fell over her easel laughing.
WHO would want a picture of
BITTERSWEET? Lois asked.
When Carol said it was for me..
she "got it".
Hmmm...guess SHE knows I
am a tad "off-kilter", too!

Here it is! It hangs in my
foyer/hallway in our
temporary digs.

I see it several times a day
and always smile to myself.

A close up

So, when I dug out an old
magazine for October
I was tickled to see an
article called
Bittersweet Romance.

I think every Fall decorating
should have a bit of
don't you?

I love this table with a
bit of bittersweet color on it.
And look at these pumpkins,
wrapped with bittersweet.
How cute are these for
place markers?
Aren't these votives sweet?
I also found a bit of
color in the shot of this room.
Maybe just a tad
of saturated color for me!

And, where is the
you ask~
Well~ It is
that my own backyard
NOTHING like that!

that so many things have changed
over the years.
My dear brother is gone-
never to experience another
Earthy fall.
Lois Christenson is gone and has
 her easel set up somewhere
beyond this realm.
My friend, Carol, has moved away
and I miss her.
My friend, Stan, that flew in from FL
has passed over and his wife
is in an assisted living situation.

Life is surely
BITTERSWEET, isn't it?
And, yet, we solider on, don't we?
In a perfect world,
all the people we love would stay
safe and sound and forever young.
In this world,
we accept the reality of life and
move forward as best we can.

Just so you know that I don't mean
to make this post a downer 
(because I don't feel "down")
I will leave you with this.

I DON'T live in South Carolina
and I DID NOT have
in last night's drawing-
so, to all those I promised to
"share the wealth with" if I won,
I apologize.

Hmmm...maybe this IS a 
after all.

Have a GREAT Wednesday!

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Friday, October 19, 2018



Just so you know right upfront
I lied about the 
"I can't get up" part.
How I WISH I COULD sleep in.
Apparently my DNA is tied to the
whirling dervish rather than
a fat lap cat.

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind.
Fall is finally here,
after a long hot summer,
 and the leaves have started to fall.
I have been putting bits and pieces 
of FALL around here.
They will stay up until the day after
(except for the Halloween stuff)

This is the little slate I painted
when my kids were little.
These are the youngest three-
my older son was "too cool"
to dress up anymore.
I sold a lot of these slates back when
were popular.
This is the only one I have left 
for Halloween.

Love this soft side of fall.
I will do some overall pictures this weekend
of the new place and I will post them
this coming week.

I found an opaline pumpkin that is gorgeous!
I have never seen one like it
so I need to get a picture of that 
on the blog here so 

On the last warm nights of autumn
the kids liked to go down 
to the beach by the bay.
Their Mom took these pictures.
SweetCheeks said they are 

Cooler nights bring
sunsets like this!
Oh!!! How I miss this view.
I hope to have some sort of 
water view when we figure out
where we are going.
We have fall colors all over.
Wisconsin is a wonderful place to 
take a drive to see colors
like this.-
Or this-
Please remember-
while driving...
or in MY CASE-flying!
The kids say I have found
the perfect sign for my
front door.
I need to hang it there this weekend.
Wonder if I should paint
The Witch Is Out
and turn it over when I leave?
Nah....let 'em be scared!!!!

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Friday, October 12, 2018


There are so many needs out there
and I am happy that I am able to
pass along the names of those that
need prayer(s) and uplifting.

I never in the world thought 
I would be doing this--but I am and 
I feel honored that people 
can use me/my blog to reach others.
Please pray for Lauren's family.
Lauren's mom has Alzehimer's and
is in very poor physical shape.
I believe she is in a hospice setting
at this point.
Her dad is struggling with the decline
of his wife.
You can read about it on her FB page
To make matters worse,
Lauren's hubby, Mark, has had to have
some facial reconstruction because
of cancer and the surgical procedures
performed on his face.

Lauren is such a dear person
and my heart aches for her and 
all she and her family are going through.

Please pray for Devon.
He is a young teen suffering from
brain cancer and is fighting
for his life.
The link to his
Aunt Kristy's page
is HERE.
She is an advocate for him and
keeps everyone updated as to 
what is happening.  
He needs lots of help and his
medical expenses are way
beyond what any family can 
afford to pay.

And, last but not least,
Please pray for my friend, Nira.
Here is a bit of what she 
wrote in a group that I belong to-
we have been online friends for
well over 10 years
I had the appointment with the surgeon yesterday and it is not good news. The tumor has spread to a couple vital veins in the pancreas making surgery impossible. I will be seeing an oncologist next Monday and will start chemo to shrink the tumor for now. But it's only to give me a little more time as surgery will never be on the table due to how the tumor has spread. I am mostly upset with the fact that this tumor has been there for more than a year, and was only discovered in late August by the bozos (name removed). If it had been diagnosed earlier it would have been operable. The tumor was the reason for the stricture in the bile duct. Now it has also created a stricture in my stomach where it empties into the duodenum. Food backs up and makes me feel full when I'm not. Surgeon said that while doing chemo they will do procedures to make me comfortable, such as putting in another stent if needed for the stomach to empty as it should. Pain control will also be discussed. So that's it. I am dying. Not a wonderful thing to think about, but it is what it is. Sorry to be a downer today. (name removed) is flying in Sunday  He wants to accompany me to the oncologist. Not sure what he thinks being there will do, guess he just wants to be able to ask his own questions.
Please pray for all three of these
families-not only for healing
but for peace of mind and 
acceptance of life's journey.
I you don't believe in praying, please
send best wishes and healing thoughts
and wishes to these people and their
I don't understand why people we know
and love have to suffer like they do.
It is heart-wrenching.

Love to all of you that continue to 
support and uplift people you 
often don't even know.

To end on a happier note-
I will be gone for a few days 
next week to visit my daughter
and her three kids while her hubby
is out of town.
I can't wait.
Oh-and they look
SO angelic here, don't they?
They are!  After all, 
I look "nice", right?
See what I mean about looks?!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Sunday, October 7, 2018


Many of you will probably 
remember Lucille.
She was an avid follower
and visitor of blogs
in the past.

She reached out to me 
this past week and told me
about her daughter,
Johanne has breast cancer
and after surgery they are
treating her with radiation and chemo
to make sure they got any stray cells
that might have been in her lymph nodes.
She is anxious to be done
with treatment and wants to
get back to work.

Lucille did a lot of praying for
MyHero when he went through
his cancer treatments
now she is asking that you please
pray for her daughter, Johanne.
Sadly, she understands the depths,
the highs, the lows and the fear
that tags along with a 
cancer diagnosis.
Please pray for her peace of mind
as she tends her daughter.

If you are NOT a person that prays,
please send up good wishes and 
good thoughts for healing and 
peace of mind.

Thank you so much!
I hope you have a wonderful
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