Friday, December 31, 2010

My Last Post About SweetCheeks....

I went to pick
SweetCheeks up from school.
I couldn't keep her for the day
because I had lots of running
to do.
Here she is..
all dressed up for the
Christmas party.
Her teacher loves her
and says she is a
very good little girl.
SweetCheeks other grandmother
said she would watch her for the day.
She is an artist and always
has some fun project
for SweetCheeks to do.
SweetCheeks is very excited to
see her house.
Gramma comes to the door.
SweetCheeks spots her
standing in the door.
Lookit, Nana!
My Gramma has been standing there
since I lefted before
watching forh me to cohme bachk!
Didju knoawh that?
Nope, sure didn't.
Welllll, Hers wuz.
I'm sure she was,
cuz your Gramma loves
you just as much as I do.
Pffffttt...I knoawh dat!!!
Chome on Nana an' take my picksure
wiff my other Gramma.
Did yoah know yoah
is my gramma too, Nana..
effen though I call yoah Nana?!
Really? No kidding!?
For reeeal, Nana..Get it?
I got it!
Can you believe it is
New Year's Eve day?
A whole 'nother Christmas has passed.
A whole 'nother year of
loving on my beautiful family..
A whole new year coming up
to do more of the same.
Happy New Year's Eve!
Blessings to you and your family~
Oh...and the Header
My Last Post About
SweetCheeks Header?
Yeah...the one up top..
I meant for THIS YEAR!
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Random Christmas Takes

My wonderful daughter-in-law,
whose picture does not appear in my blog
cuz she is so dad blamed cute that my
son worries that someone will see
her and spirit her away
thought she was
giving me a
Starbucks Christmas ornament.
She said her first thought on seeing it was..
What idiot would buy this?
Her 2nd thought was
Oh, my idiot Mother-in-law would
probably like that..
Although she never mentioned the
2nd thought to me.

Here is my son-in-law,TheBrawnyMan's ,

Packer village.
I think my daughter got a bit

carried away with the SNOW.

It looks like the town was

ploughed under in a blizzard.

Sorry, TPot, just sayin....Our kids draw names to exchange gifts

but there is a caveat on the gift.

It must be made or purchased

for $10. or less.

This is MamasBoy in his

Pizza Snuggie- (styling, buddy, styling)

My daughter who was the

roller skating queen of the 7th grade

got a pair of next-to-new roller skates.

(which she will use with her kids

at the local roller rink-the same one

MyHero skated at as a boy)

Mimi got a birdhouse made out

of signs..and it spells out her last name.TheBrawnyMan made this

for TheIslandScout-a hand-turned pen..

a pretty great "gag" gift..No GAG to it.

I got one is gorgeous!My daughter, TPot, also got this..

She loves family photos.
Her sister, Mimi, had her kids

lay in position so that she could

make "letters" -The letters

spell our their last name. Cool, huh?

You can see the O K E here.SweetCheeks got another dress up gown.

This one is Ariel.She is magically transformed into a Mermaid

just by donning the gown.

Nana-Look- Iff Ih pull my ghown upp

Ih'm a baby mermaihd~Hearh-Lookit hearh..

If I phull it dowhn ...

Ih'm a beeyootifull groawn up mermaihd

Nana- Do yoah know whut this is foarh?

(whispering now)

Thiss iss my Brawh for my Boobies.

Cuz..Mermaihds have big gurhl boobies.

giggle...giggle...giggle..MyHero got a kite from the

grown up kids..

Do you think there was a hidden message there?

Like when he asks---

Do you want some advice?

in his deep no-nonsense voice.

Instead of saying NO

They could just hand him this box..And, every Christmas afternoon..

we play

Pictionary..on an easel..

Lulu drew these..

and guess who guessed them right?

The only one that got them?


That is a CARROT on the far right..

and an Astronaut on the left..

We didn't even know she KNEW the

word Astronaut..

And because she was so cute about it..

we let her draw for quite a while..

as she changed her drawings

right after she would point and say...


And it broke my heart when we had to tell her..

Your turn is over now..

Poor, poor baby!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where ISSS Papa?

I am drinking my morning coffee.
Little SweetCheeks makes her
way down the stairs and sits
at the kitchen island.
she props herself there for a
minute as she continues to wake up.
Nana, Where isss Papa?
He's sleeping, SweetCheeks.
Oh..Does hims look like thisss?
pretty close!I gonna go push hims
eyeballs open
like thisss.
okay, Nana?
Go for it, SweetCheeks!Guess what our favorite book
flavor-of-the-month is
right now?
It is

Papa has his sleep mask on..
cuz he wants to stay pretty..
er...I mean...because
he had surgery several years
ago and he is light
He also has his special
because he doesn't care about
color coordination..
he just likes his
BLUE PILLOW CASE.Uhhh...ohhh..
"Pop" rolls her off
and she runs away
Saffe me, Nana..
Saffe me!
Christmas Day afternoon
finds Papa
sleeping on the
sofa in the family room...
whilst Nana & Mama
are busy cleaning TPot's kitchen.
SweetCheeks pats his
head to wake him up.
Oooops! THAT doesn't seem
to be working.
Hey, Nana,
Whatch thisss..
Ih'm gonna
Wait! There's no how to
do it on the couch..
I gonna hop on his head,
Okay, Nana?
Go for it!
Papa wakes up and
tries to push her off.
She does a bit of a
contortionist act..
And then runs away
Saffe me, Nana..saffe me!
I suppose by next year,
like her sisters before her..
she will no longer hop on pop
to wake him up..
nor will she pretend to be
scared and run away screaming..
just for today..
I will enjoy this moment
of unfettered childhood pleasure...
and I will SAFFFE her
from the ogre!
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Christmas Post (Get it?)

Remember Christmas when you were a kid?
If you were fortunate enough
to have parents that could
afford to make some of your dreams
come true?
When I was growing up
we had very small Christmases.
I didn't realize until I was grown
that there were families that had
BIG Christmases.
I don't ever really remember asking
for any specific thing..
but I always got something I liked.
Our two little granddaughters
both had something on their
"special wishlist".
Ria, has the heart of an artist,
she is blithe soul...
a slip of a girl
with a grace and beauty
that enchants those around her.
She really enjoyed her first present..
and grinned over her second one..
(She has a BIG time crush on Justin Bieber)
Not only did she get Justin Bieber
pjs...she got a Justin Bieber shirt
with matching leggings.She was a bit perplexed looking at the
next gift. It was a long box..
WHAT could it be?Oh- it was a violin!
A violin that she wanted last year..
A violin that she didn't get because
really thought she was SERIOUS!
A 5 year old that wants a violin?
This year she STILL asked for
a violin...and her
Auntie Mimi found one!
This little girl hardly put
her violin down long enough
to eat.
We heard her
"practicing" all day.
She has
The MAGIC Touch!
Not ONCE did we hear
the screeching that is common
when one first starts playing the violin.
I see lessons in her future.
I see an elfin child
with talent here.
I see music scholarships
in the offing..
I see dreams being fulfilled.

And she got a wonderful

pillow pet~ and ~ being the

sweet little girl that she is

she immediately gave her

other one to her cousin,


Our dear Little Lulu~

A sweet little girl

who doesn't ask for much of anything.

She loves listening to her Mom

read the Christmas story..And she has her special pjs on.

Every year at Christmas we buy all

the grandkids new pjs and drop

them off on Christmas Eve.

They get to open that one present

Christmas Eve...and wear their new pjs

to bed.

The ones this year said..

Staying Up For SantaLulu was excited to open

her presents this year.

Auntie Mimi made her some

papier mache hot air balloons to

hang in her room...which is

going to be decorated in a Paris theme.

She thought it was quite funny when

Papa, quite seriously,

asked if they were pinatas.

I said...Sure they are!

Go get him a stick, Lulu!

Lulu looked horrified until she

realized it was a joke.

(I forget how literal she is sometimes)But by far-



was realized too.

She is our athletic girl..

full of cartwheels and bounce

and sturdy outdoor activities.

She got a snowboard from Santa..

And, Nana & Papa,

trusting that Santa would provide


gifted her with a helmet.

She begged someone to take her

snowboarding down their backyard hill.

Uncle MamasBoy said he would

as soon as he tried on his


that his sister so lovingly sewed for him.

Sorry folks, we won't be taking

any more orders for this item.

It is sold of a kind..

SweetCheeks wants to see it
up close and personal because SHE
thinks it is really cool!So, MamasBoy agreed to take Lulu
out back for a hour or so of
His wife, being the practical one in the family,
asks him what he intends to wear..
being as he came in dress clothes..
and shoes.
He will wear his
and his
Of course he will..
Doesn't bother him a bit.
MyHero looking at him,
turns to me and
Doesn't he just make
a Dad proud?
'Deed he does!
'Deed he does!
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Baby E's Christmas Morning

If you have been following along
you may remember I told
you about
A Different Kind Of Christmas Story
It's the tradition my daughter
started with her children when
they were babies.
Now every year she
reads the true
Christmas Story
to her kids..
before they go find
their 3 gifts from Santa.
This year, BabyE listened
as she read the
story about the Nativity
Pardon my picture taking ability..
but here are the kids
all sitting under the tree
listening raptly to the story..BabyE gets up and wanders over
to the story-teller's corner..
causing much giggling
between his cousins.The giggling turned to laughter
when he proceeded to kiss
the animals on all the pages.

Afterwards, Auntie TPot

gave him a big hug...

She loves her little nephew.He had 3 gifts from Santa under

the tree too..

One of his gifts from Papa and Nana was a

Nativity of his very own..

made by Fisher Price, it

is the same ones his cousin's share..

After opening a couple of presents
he could not contain his
excitment. He bounced
and danced with every gift

Mama helped him get

the paper started.

He looks on with anticipation.
What IS it?

Oh how cute!

It is a bubble gum machine

with balls for the gumballs.

Just imagine all the fun Mama

is going to have picking all

those up everyday.

Another bright and colorful toy

to capture his attention.Uh-oh..

I think there is mayhem afoot..He wants to see SweetCheeks

new baby up close and personal.Lookit, Eeeefan,

I khurled my baby's hairh wiff my

curling ihron and putted a bow

in her hairh for Kristmus..

And now Ih am feeeding hers..

and yoah chan't touch her

cuz hers duzn't like enybuddy

to thouch hers when hers

when hers is eatting..GET IT?
I guess


because HIMS went over

to his other cousin to see

if he could help her open

her gift

being as she is a bit more

tolerant and all.

After everything was opened
I noticed BabyE's little
Who said,
Poop on Santa?
'Twasn't me!
It's been a wonderful year..
watching this baby
grow into a dear little boy.
A beautiful baby
last year..A beautiful little boy
this year...I can only imagine how
precious and grown up he
will be as a toddler next Christmas.
I love you, BabyE...
You are a light in my life!
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