Monday, August 10, 2020


I guess there is no easy way
to say that someone has
passed away, is there?

Most of you in Blogland know 
(also known as My Fairy Blog Mother).
She is such a giving person and has
helped so many over the years
solve blog issues.

Many of you know that 
Linda's mom lived with her
for quite a while.
She decided a couple of years ago
to move several hours away
and live closer to her son.
This is the only picture I could
find of her on Linda's blog.
Beautiful lady, wasn't she?

Sadly, her health was already compromised
and she declined in these last 
few weeks/months
after her move.

Linda contacted me yesterday to 
let me know that her
Mom had passed away.

Please send up a prayer for
Linda & her family.
If you are not a 'pray-er',
please send well wishes and
healing thoughts her way.

Thank you.
I will be around again soon to
do a wrap up on the 

Thanks to each and every one of you
that visit here.  
You are all special to me!
your photo name