Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sweet Cheeks Sez You're Gonna Miss Me While I'm Gone

I'm not gonna say much more
than that.
You need to go to 
the link below to
see this-
I guarantee that you will exit smiling.

I will say that you probably
Two Bottles Of Whiskey
You're Sure Gonna Miss Me
When I'm Gone.
Click HERE

Now-I don't want YOU to miss ME while
I am gone SO
PLEASE sign up to follow me by
Bloglovin or Email on my sidebar
if you haven't already done so.
Yeah- I know-
Nothing like waiting till the last minute.
Hello, Blondie!

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Romantic Travel Trailer

Some of you know that we have been
working on an old GMC motor home
for a couple of years.
It is kind of a 
"work on it as we can" project.
It's MyHero's DREAM vehicle.

I have been DREAMING, too.
Here's what I dream of!
Pretty danged cute, huh?
It belongs to Amy @
Amy's Vintage Trailers

I love this one, too.
It belongs to Dottie @ My Vintage Travel Trailer
and so does this image

Yes, indeedy, that is what I dream about.
What is the reality I am dealing with?
 Oh, Yeah, Baby-
It ain't never gonna be 1976 again....
or is it?
Please put your sunglasses on before
viewing the next picture.
Polarized sunglasses would be good.
Remembrer Pantone's 2012 color of the year?
Do you?
What do you mean am I colorblind?
It's the same color-just a couple shades
brighter with neon overtones.
And, here you thought I wasn't
"with it"!
I know a hot fad when I see one!

I am sorry if I made y'all jealous-
but some days I just can't resist!
Pardon me while I go rake
my orange shag carpeting.
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Flowers & Prayers For Natalie

Well, here I am again,
begging for prayers.
You all know how much I love
Well, this is Laura's first grandchild.
And...she needs prayers...
and the family needs support.
Here's Natalie-
With Gramma holding her
Here she is today-just days later-
She is a VERY sick little girl.
Doesn't this make your heart hurt?

Her full story is over at Angelina's blog
These are Angelina's adorable children.

If you don't know Angelina you have missed 
someone special.
Her heart is as big as her talent-
 and her kids?  
Well-they are adorable.
I think she had six at last count!;>)
Please pop by here-
she is donating her talent
 for this family
and she will forward your
prayers to the family.

Thank you SO much.  
Let's pray this baby well!
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Romantic Homes June 2013

I am a little late this month
doing the June 2013
Romantic Homes 
showcase of blogs.
Well, better late than never,
as they say.
Here's the gorgeous feature
about Downton Abbey.
If you don't know what 
Downton Abbey is....
well, the Lord loves you anyway.
Is that beautiful, or what?

The cover is as gorgeous as always:
On to the blogs.
As many blogs as I follow I did not
know about any of these.
It's a big blogging world out there,
isn't it?

First up-
Restyled Vintage from Australia
You will love Karen' Needham's blog.
She does lots of painting.

Blue Clear Sky by Elizabeth Ramage
She, like many of us, loves her blue and whites!

Lily Field Life by Fiona Gavin
Let's just say she's a dab hand with paint!

How about Oakview Cottage by Cindy Stewart?
She has a cheerful, homey place in Canada.

And-last, but certainly not least-
Whimiscal Perspective by Laura Bright
You will LOVE what she does with

I may have a painted project of
my own to show you tomorrow
if I can get my butt in gear....
or at least get it into DRIVE!

Have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Papa Poopy Pants Song by Sweet Cheeks

loves to make up songs.
Her sister, Ria, plays
the guitar
(she can't really play)
and SweetCheeks makes
up words to match the 
voice of the guitar.
This little clip is about
12 seconds long
and gives you a glance at
Miss Personality Plus.
I can't help but laugh-
did you notice at the very end
she threw ME under the bus? I would
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Is This Little Girl Looking At?

on vacation?
The three little girls and I went 
someplace special.
New Smyrna Beach, FL
While we were there we found
the annual 
just 3 blocks from our residence.
It was a place to stare in awe
at all things new and different.
I snapped this little girl staring
at something that caught her fancy.
Isn't she cute?

Matter of fact-
What are ALL these people looking at?'s the back view.
Nothing too unusual in seeing someone
pushing someone around in a wheelchair
in a retirement community, is there?
Smile Girls-
You may have been out-cuted by this
wheelchair full of love.
And for 
you can have YOUR PICTURE taken with
her and her babies.
you can get a 
like THIS ONE-
We are now the proud owners of 
one for each girl.
The lady knows a sucker when 
she sees one.
Life is grand!
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Angels By The Sea

Oh- Walking down the street
look at the cute little shop
I see.
I would have loved to visit
there and poke around inside.
Isn't it adorable?
Adorable but CLOSED!
Love the name-
Angels by the Sea.
Guess what?
Angels by the Sea.
Now they are 
Angels by the Bay-
because we are home.
I am going to try to
catch up with all of you
in a bit.
Right now- I am catching up
on the home front.
Have a wonderful day!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where Are YOU Going To Church This Morning?

You don't like going to church?
Well, I have the perfect place
for you to worship!
And, YES, it is a real church- 
I'll be looking for  you!
We'll be the ones in the back pew
with sunburns and sand in our shoes.

We're headed home.
I'll be around late today, I hope.
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Saturday, June 22, 2013


I told the kids we were going to 
We spotted this along the way.
There it is-
painted on the side of the building...
way out in the middle of nowhere.....

I told them we would stay here.
I told them we would stay in Room 6
What???  What do you mean
you don't believe me?
This has everything we could ever need-
including its own sewage truck.
And just look at the price.
We could even stay an extra night I told them.
I just don't understand all the eye-rolling
the accompanies everything I say.
You'd THINK there were expecting 
a view like this!
I'm on my way home and I
will catch up with you soon.
(yes-those are sunburns)

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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Walkway

Is it HOT here?
Is it HUMID here?
Is it BEAUTIFUL here?

 The most beautiful thing here for me?
And - speaking of beauty-
Look at THIS beaut!

BEFORE you judge
BEAUTY is in the EYE of the BEHOLDER.
What do you mean you want to 
poke your eyes out with a stick?

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Where Is Nana Diana-Part Three

Where am I?
Oh- Baby!
It just doesn't get much better than this!!!

No internet connection where
we are staying~
well-we have it but it is 
tentative, at best.

What's a poor girl to do?
What?  Go Where?
Why Barnes & Noble, of course.
Where else can I find books
and a Starbucks 
under one roof?
I'll have a drink and a bit of a read
for you while I am here.
Having fun-be around soon 
to visit- 
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Would THIS Look Good In My Yard?

Oh- The wonders you see
when you get off the
Interstate highways.
THIS is something you 
would NEVER see
on a major highway.
We flew past this and I made a
U-Turn to go back for a picture.
Couldn't resist.
I told SweetCheeks we were going
to buy one on our way home
and carry it there on the roof of
our car.
I said I thought it would look
GREAT in my front yard.

She said that would look really 
Not nearly as stooopid as standing
by it to have your picture taken!
She told me I was NOT going to buy
one and I told her I was
NOT LION about it!
LION-Lyin'- Get it?
What's YOUR choice?
A chicken or a lion?
We can drop it off in your
front yard on the way home.  
But- just so you know-
The chicken will look STOOPID!
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Where Is Nana Diana - Part TWO

Well, for those of you
that guessed we were
in Arizona or Kansas
I feel bad for you- 
I will be sending you an
IQ test to take at your leisure.

So - WHERE are we then?

We found ourselves in a place
surrounded with lilies.

AND, on the way to where 
we are we did a bit of
Ever hear of it?
If not you can click on the link.
It is so much fun for the kids
to find things left by others
and add their message to those
that are already there.

We found a roadside stop
that held one "find".
Of course we had to 
check out the way the
"pump" for pets worked.
What ELSE did we have
fun looking for?
Well, about every 45 minutes
we had to hunt for one of these!
WHY doesn't everyone have to go
POTTY at the same time?
I suggested diapers-
I thought CRUISERS might be good
because we were "cruising" along.

SweetCheeks said they were all too old
for diapers.
Hmmmm...or maybe they are 

I guess it all DEPENDS on your age!

ps- Horrible internet connection here so
bear with me this week- it is sporadic
at best- 
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Make Me Smile Monday SweetCheeks- THE CRUSH

It's the last day of school.
 I go to watch all the last day festivities.
We wait in the gym until we can head
into the chapel.

SweetCheeks sits by my side.
Little Mr. CM comes and sits 
Sweet Cheeks.
Stand up and I'll take your picture with your friend,
Who's this?  I ask.
Iht's CM, Nana.
He's got a HUGE CRUSH ON ME,
Don't you.CM?

CM nods obediently.

See- I told you, Nana..
He's my LITTLE boy friend!
He's your BOYFRIEND?
I just can't help myself-I just 
love to egg her on....

NOH!  NANA!!!!
He's my BOY (pause)   FRIEND!
Yeah- That's what I said...
He's your BOYFRIEND!

SweetCheeks turns to CM and
rolls her eyes.
My Nana doesn't GET it, CM.
She thinks you're my BOYFRIEND.

CM-considers this for a minute,
then nods.
I AM...he says!
SweetCheeks giggles and rolls her eyes again.

He doesn't GET IT either, Nana!
And so it goes- 
A smitten suitor and it's only Kindergarten.
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where's Nana Diana?

Remember the old
Where's Waldo books?

I am traveling with my granddaughters
and my daughter.
We are on the move for a few days.
See if you can guess where we are.

I'll be posting some good clues
in the next few days and I 
won't be commenting as much
for a few days because.... know----
it's a VACATION!

Your guess?
There might even be a
prize involved----just sayin'
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Friday, June 14, 2013

How's YOUR Diet Going?

As you can see, this poor boy,
is fading away to nothing.
Here he is praying for something
to eat.
He hasn't quite got the hand thing down yet.
Looks like he found SOMETHING!
Oh- Yeah- Baby!
Is it good, CJK?
Oh- You can't talk with your mouth full,
can you?

What's this?
Your Daddy is making you take a walk
after you eat to work your food off?
Mean ol' Daddy!
That's why I don't live with him!!!!

I am traveling with the little girls
today-We won't be dieting on
the road!
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