Friday, September 30, 2011

Falling For Fall-

I am a bit of a reluctant
Fall decorator this year..
It seems like we got
robbed of summer...
Long, cold Spring,
Short Summer..
And now they are telling
me that Fall is here.

I have a picture that stays
out year round on our
family room mantle.
Even though it has Fall colors.
It is of the
Pavillion at Bay Beach~
Semi-famous in our area.

Our daughter, Mimi,
 got married on these steps,
a few short years ago..
In September...
A glorious Fall day~
We bought this picture soon after.
It is by a local artist and there
were not many of them produced.
This will be passed along
to Mimi-
Until then, it is ours to enjoy.

I surrounded her with a couple of
pumpkins and a couple of crows..
and some little pumpkin lights
that are lit here.
pumpkins and a couple of crows anchor both ends
It's a big picture- 30" x 40"
and needs  a bit to ground it...
but I like to keep it low so the picture
is still the primary focus.
This picture hangs over a bookcase
in the kitchen.
I bought it many years ago in
Cedarburg, WI on a cold, windy
lonesome day.
Ever have a lonesome day?
This was one of them and I remember
how seeing this cheered my soul..
and home it came.
This is the 4th house it has hung in...
Hard to get a good shot of it..
the light hits it and bounces..
but you can get the feeling.
And over on the side table is a
little birdcage with two
sweet little birds in it...
Ah....but the door is open
and I see they have escaped...
I think they had just a little bit of help~
keeps freeing them....
Maybe he thinks they are in a crib..
barrred and penned in...
just like him...
when he is sleeping...
Sweet Dreams
Little Man!
All too soon you will be too
big to be
"penned" in a crib...and there
will be another sweet
baby to take your spot
there-in the crib-
but, just so you know,
 that new baby will
 take your spot-
in our hearts!
We love you, BabyE!

Now...quick....go move something
around at your own house...
It'll drive your Mom nuts-
And that is a
Nana Promise!
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Fall Chalkboard

Below you will find
a gift from
my husband
and kids....
(although, apparently, he
doesn't remember because he
asked me-
Where did you get THAT)
Yeah-it was that special
of a purchase.

It is made out of an old window
and came from a little store

located here in
Green Bay, WI.

Here are just a few of
the wonderful items
you will find there.

Purses and handpainted items....
Birdhouses and things for outside...

And things that cause you to pause...

But...sadly for YOU...
I got the best thing in the store...

And, although you know that I
am not the best picture taker in the
world (yeah- I know, I know)
I think you can see the beauty
in this old window..
that has been repurposed..
and hangs in  my kitchen
for the
Fall Season.
Overall - It looks like this..
This is a bit better picture
of the bottom part...
A little further away it looks like this..

But for me-
This says it all...
Forgive the chicken scratching
at OUR house we have to
use the chalk as quick as
we can and then
because otherwise it
ends up here
looking like this...
Nice hair, huh?;>)
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Papa-I Wanna Tell You A Seecrut~I Wuz Kiddnapped

Family came from all over town
to gather for pizza.
There is a place that serves
delicious pizza and salads
a few miles from our

A family run business where
kids hand out the menus
and collect the cash.
A sweet little
place to go.

While we are waiting,
a little face rested on the
hands, SweetCheeks,
called a name.
 (you remember he IS
deaf in one ear)
Yes?  What?
I gotta secrut to tell you.
(This should be good-it usually is)

Do you know whut?
I was born in Lundun.
AND in Englund.
Yup~And do you know whut?
I was born to a
Queen and a King and I
was a reahl
You were?
And then...and then..
and then...
I wus kidnapped!
Yup~ That evil whitch over there
(pointing at her Mom)
stoled me away for her
And now I live here in

You do?

This is secrut stuff but
I chan't tell you enymorhe right
Why not?
Cuz the pizza is here
you silly head!

Is it good, SweetCheeks?

Pretty guud~ BUT
Not as guud as the meahls I
had in the Cahstle
when I lived wifth
my reahl parents,
the King & Queen!

Wait till she sees the
lumps in her bed!
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Woman's Guide To Blogging-

Do you know my friend,
Cindy Adkins,
Whimisical Musings?
You must go visit her.
I hope the blog police don't
arrest me for copying her
header here (gulp)

She is a fine artist
and has been featured in
many magazine and
She makes beautiful things
like this...
And, not only is she an artist,
she is an

She has written a guide for women...
about blogging.
You can find it
and it is wonderful-
Trust me-
I know!

Cindy doesn't know I am doing this..
but I am going to pop over now
and tell her.

I will tell YOU that she is one
of the most giving, sharing,
loving people I have met
in Blogland...
and has helped me
numerous times...
the blind being led by the lightkeeper..
me and her.

So, if you want to
(Remember Saturday Night Live)
you might want to
check out this book..
it will help you grow your blog...
and make it all that it can be...
The Truth!

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Monday, September 26, 2011


Stay out of the
you want to be turned into

You will be
AMAZED at what
ELSE is IN her attic~
This is our own
little living doll,
I captured  her
telling me about
what is in her attic.

And do you know how
it got there?
The Witch
put it there.
I am NOT the whickhed whitch!
(Her Mom is-;>)

I can't figure out how to
lop off the end of this
video but her
expressions, to me,
are priceless..
and I thought worth sharing.

Got your popcorn ready?
I think this may be
Coming To A Theater Near You Soon~

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

I waited all day...
And while I was waiting
I washed the sheets and
hung them out to dry...

I remade the beds
and scrubbed the bathroom..
And then..
I went and got groceries..
to restock the pantry.

Well-because we have
a very special little
visitor here today.

He is so excited to be here...
I love his little boy pants with
the puppy on the front.
He is carrying his watch and his
little car...
And..wait...did he drop something?
He is always super excited to
see us and he laughs right
out loud.
OR...he could be laughing
cuz we are tickling his armpits...
(your guess)
And what excites him even
more than seeing his Nana?

Showing her his new shoes,
of course.
I said, "Show me your shoes"
and he obligingly flopped on
his back and cocked one foot
over the other.
(I am NOT going to show you
new shoes like that- trust me)
 will be a fun day...
I won't be here playing in
Blogland today...
No, indeedy...
I'll be cooking up a storm
I'll be extra busy..
will be here to give
BabyE a run for his money.
Need I say more?

Send wine- Oh-Wait-
I don't drink!
I don't need to...
I get looped just watching all
this family interaction!

I hope your Sunday is wonderful
and full of blessings.
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Meal In A Minute By Nana Diana

Welcome to the
Midwest where
Hearty Food is a staple..
No, Lulu...not like the
kind you put in your notebook
paper-my literal little girl!

I think you know
MyHero and I both work
at a hospital.
I work some early hours
and he is on call two or three
nights a week.

Sometimes in my haste to get home
I forget to stop and pick up
ingredients I might be missing
for dinner.

Well, this was such a night.
I got home,
kissed the floor coming in..
okay-I lied-the floor needs mopping..
I just said- Hello Floor-you dirty so and......
never mind.

I thought..okay..I am here...
MyHero is not far behind...
what..what..what do I have
that will make a
or thereabouts.

Pantry raid..
No..NOT Panty raid..
Pantry raid!

What is this?
What's in the meat keeper?
(what the heck is that called anyway)
Ah...yes....hamburger...good old hamburger..
Our little SweetCheeks loves her a hamburger...
She is not here so we are going to use
it for
Something Else!

Brown that meat. (about 3/4 pound)
Hey!  Did you know that a
potatoe masher-the ones with
the squiggley lines
are the best thing ever for breaking
meat up while it is browning?

Try it- You will use it every time you
brown meat!

Now what?
Dump in the box of
Uncle Ben's Wild Rice mix.
Add the water it calls for.

Cut up two of these-
I use scissors- love my kitchen scissors.
I even use them for my toenails...
okay...I lied about that too..
I was just trying to gross you out.

Add 1/3 of one packet of
Beefy Onion Dry Soup.
Cook until water is absorbed
(about 25 minutes)

When almost done,
Drain a can of sliced mushrooms
and add to the mixture.
Heat until mushrooms are heated
Serve with fresh green beans
(I do my own in the microwave)
and some julienned carrots.
I put a bit dollop of sour cream
on the side
cuz that is what
Midwestern Men like.
'Deed they do!

This was SO good..and so quick.
I will be making this again
during our long, cold winter.
Try it!

ummmm..oh yeah
Not fattening enough?
Apple pie is a good chaser~
Your Hero will thank you too!
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Prayers For A Friend Of Ours- Yours And Mine

You know-
I have met some of the most
in the blogging world.


I won't bother telling you that
a few of them have told me I
was weird...or crazy...
because we all know it takes one
to know one-thus I am NOT
mentioning any names...
but you know who you are!

As I was saying~
Each and every person I
have "met" here
has added something to my life.

Some of you are funny,
some of you are "sisters"
in many ways.
Some of you are like daughters to me-
Even one special one from
"Down Under".

Some of you have hardships
and use blogging to escape~
Some of you are full of joy
and want to share it with the world.

Some of you are brimming over
with good health,
Some of you struggle with health

Some of you have lost family
Some of you have lost pets
that feel like family.

Along this blogging road I have
met many, many amazing,
talented, creative women.

One of the sweetest souls
I have ever met is
over at
Not only is she beautiful on
the outside,
she has a beautiful heart.
Seee! I TOLD you she was beautiful!
She has sent up lots of prayers
for others, am asking
you to pray for her.
She is on some new medication
that is making her sick..
dog sick..
really sick...
and she will be away from
blogging for a few days.

So, offer up a prayer
that our sweet Rebecca
will soon be smiling at us
through her words again.
She is a dear heart...
and I love this
friend that I found
as I was stumbling through

Pop over here and wish her well.
Look at her beautiful posts.
Look at the treasures she paints.
And, if you aren't a follower now
you might want to sign up
cuz you won't want to miss
a single post.

Trust me!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Got A Good Start on THE PROJECT- NOT

You remember that yesterday
was the day to work on the
pile in the garage?
I got the pile uncovered..
Yes. I. Did.

Remember I promised to
work on that pile..and paint..and recover?
Remember that?
Well, it didn't happen.

I was ready.
I was truly ready.
I was willing.
I was truly willing.
I was able...
I was truly able.

So- What happened?
Well, it started like this.
I got my coffee at Starbucks
and the newspaper.
Here's a funny tidbit most people
don't know about me.

I pull around to the old abandoned
KMart parking lot
and sit and read my paper and
drink my coffee.
It is one place I don't look around
and feel guilty like I should be
Sometimes I even read a book there.

But THIS morning..
as I am enjoying my moment of
peace and quiet.
I hear a car
s.n.e.a.k up beside me.
I feel like someone is
I am found and I wasn't even lost!

Their MOM went through Starbucks
and they are on their way to school.
Yesterday no one in their house felt well.
They all stayed home from school.
That doesn't happen very often.
This one had strep throat~
I think THESE two just wanted to stay
home and watch movies...
Hey! Mom!  You sure do look pretty this morning..
It is NOT nice to say Shut Up to your Mother!
Nice cup!
(As a side note when my brother found out I was
wearing a bra he called me CUPS for two years-
He's lucky he's alive to read the story)

Anyway, I pull in my drive and get out
to start working on
The phone rings and it is
I don't feel good-can you pick
SweetCheeks up from KittyGarden?

Ummm...Yeah...guess I can...
I find her room..
Is it The Rapture?
Are all the innocents gone?
There are a few reminders left behind...
and I heed this one.
Here they come.
They have been outside in the fresh air
and sunshine.
We are home and so far we have
had a busy day..watching SnowWhite
And I heard such words of wisdom
fall from those sweet lips.
Nana..Dihdju knohw that baby bohys haff weeners?
Seriouslhy! BabyE hass onhe and it will fahll off when
he turhns three!
Seriouslhy, Nana! I readed it!
Wow!  Hope I can get a copy of
THAT book.  It is bound to be a
priceless edition.
(I'm gonna let her Mama handle THAT one)

Any other questions you'd like her
to answer about boyhs
while she's got the book out?
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