Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Breeeahna-Whare Arhe Yoah?

The Drama Queen has arrived at Starbucks. Big sister got a Purple Card today at school. SweetCheeks is not impressed. That is a prize that is only dreamed about and seldom seen. It is given out when someone goes over and above what is expected of them. It is given to someone that helps without being asked...that is kind without demanding anything in return...that doesn't talk during work time (when everyone else in group is rattling away). Yes! Our Little Lulu got her first purple card today. And WHERE do you go to celebrate a Purple Award? Not any of the usual childhood hangouts. Where DO we go? Well, Starbucks, of course! Where else?

The three older girls get their smoothies and head off to sit at the long counter in front of the window.
SweetCheeks decides she is staying by Mama & Nana. SweetCheeks is talking to her "friend". This friend is named BREEEANHA. Breeeanha is in jail. Why? Not sure but apparently she did something wrong. She also was caught with a sword! I ask how old Brianna is now. She is six-all of six-and already in jail for carrying a sword. (See side bar for "sword"-it looks suspiciously like a length of crumpled straw to me)

Suddenly, the clock strikes mudnite and WE collapse into a heap onto the (we hope kinda clean) floor. Oh dear...Oh dear....Oh dear.... Whuteber should I do, Nana? Isss gonna be cwrazy around here in a minnut! Oh No! Now Breeeanha has runned away!

Craziness? Absolutely! Mr.Businessman that was sitting here trying to read a report has left this wacky establishment. He was looking all over for this "lost" child. I guess he couldn't see Brianna and thought he would leave before he was blamed for kidnapping.
As we were leaving SweetCheeks asked if she could come home with me for the night. Do I look CRAZY? Er...I mean...No-Not tonight-I have a headache. Oh, wait...that's the wrong nighttime excuse, isn't it? I mean...not tonight-I have to work tomorrow...and the next day....and the next day....and the next
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Jettie said...

And now the cat is out of the bag, so to speak.
Seems Diana works all those crazy days to escape sweetcheeks, lol.
Just Kidding but it is a thought, don't you think?