Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meet Me In The Morning

Lulu & Ria spent post recital night at
our house. We woke up early, had our 3Bears Cereal and played outside for a bit. We were meeting Mom & Daddy (TPot & TheBrawnyMan) at Starbucks in about an hour. Oh, yes, lest we forget-SweetCheeks will be in tow. Lulu spotted the lilacs and wanted to take some for her Mom so we picked a nice bouquet, loaded ourselves and whatever else that was at MY house (that belonged at THEIR house) in the car,and headed off.

SweetCheeks is always SO happy to see her sisters when they have been away.
She has a special close bond with Ria~maybe because they share a room~maybe because Ria
thinks she is cuter and funnier than Lulu will admit.
We get our coffee and head to the outside patio...we have to enjoy this Wisconsin weather while we can~by afternoon we could have just never know.

SweetCheeks has spotted the freshly planted pansies. "What's dos?" she asks. "Those are pansies. Look they have little smiling faces" See them?

Wait.....wait....wait...where is the flower on the one in front of you?

Ummm..."I picketed hims head off cuz hims wassn't smiling, Nana."

See-Hims has a berry sad face..

(Yeah, well he does NOW cuz he's
missing his head!)
Look, Papa! It's a flowearh face head wif no shmile.

Meanwhile-we have a little spill...Or I should say a BIG spill. My whole coffee has been dumped on the ground when someone who shall remain nameless (RIA) reached too far. No pictures, folks, too busy cleaning up the mess and getting wet wipes out of the car.
Uh...oh...SweetCheeks does NOT like
this turn of events because SHE has
been splashed! Quick, quick..Wet wipes to the rescue!
We have been here about 10 minutes.
I am ready to go.We race for our car.
Too late...SweetCheeks has
beat us to the car.
She has jumped inside.
She (who says she can't"do it myshelf" on any other
day) has fastened herself into
her car seat and is ready to go.
Sorry-You can't go, SweetCheeks.
You have to go with your own
little family group.
"But I wanna go wif you".
Maybe tomorrow, okay?
Tears roll. Okay...Maybe tomorrow.
It IS tomorrow.
She IS here. She is watching DorahTheExploahrah for about the 100th time. I, too, have seen it almost as many times. I am tired now.
Can I come to you house for some rest? Please? Please? I'll be ever so good!
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If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

Did she really buckle herself in? I mean, Papa can't even figure out how to buckle that car seat. Oh wait, I see......

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the laugh! (I needed it)
Love that SweetCheeks!

Practically Spent said...

Aww ~ my girls are extremely close too. It strikes me that it will continue that way through life. I hope I'm right.

Thanks for the comment about the fibro. The issues I mentioned in the post aren't related to that, but I'd love to hear more from you. I'm at