Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Jason has a very rare form of brain cancer.


I thought I would let him speak for himself

on this.

Their plans are still to sell their house in

Omaha, Nebraska

and move back to 

Carmel, Indiana.

That is where their hearts lie-

and it is "home" to their three kids,

who spent most of their lives there.

Here is Jason's post:

The picture is of him and his good friend, Owen.

Please keep him and the family

in your prayers and send

healing wishes and thoughts.

We are looking for a miracle........

Brain Cancer thought and update.
Hello from Omaha. I wanted to reach out to you as supporters during a time in the Noel house we never expected. Nearly 3 weeks post brain tumor removal surgery I am healing well. No pain and I am walking daily averaging 4-5 miles and starting to get the needed rest for my body to heal. After the walk I’m cooked for the day. Lol 😂. We spent our fair share of time this last week at the hospital visiting doctors, specialist, MRI’s research studies and beyond.
We’re still waiting pathology reports that will help understand short and long term diagnosis, root cause and related items. Either way it’s not going to change my attitude to beat cancer’s ass a second time, live life, care for my family, enjoy my friends, have faith, get back to work and stay the course.
The support, prayers, meal trains, phone calls, visits, text, cards and beyond are making a significant difference for our family and me personally. Thank you very much! I am humbled by it all and know it’s going to be a driver's success in the treatment process.
We have identified next steps in this journey in the coming weeks along with a world class medial team of true professionals at the Nebraska Medical Center. These people are bad ass. Although I haven’t been to the casino or bought a lottery ticket, the number 42 continues to show itself as a significant and meaningful part of this experience. The tumor most likely started growing when I was 42. I had 42 staples holding my head together and just found out that I will have 42 consecutive days of oral chemo that starts on September 20-21st. This will coincide with targeted radiation over 6 weeks too.
No matter how dark this experience could be, three things remain intact - We must be:
1. Do’ers: sitting around isn’t an option. Keep your mind going, body healthy and push forward in all you do
2. Donors: obligation to your family, community, church, friends and beyond must remain at the forefront of who you serve
3. Door openers: how can we, you, and I open the door to better others, their lives and related situations
We look forward to working through the next steps from a medical perspective, getting the house back on the market, relocating to Indiana and getting back to work. It’s been great over the last week having family, friends and co-workers visit. My brother, brother from another mother, mom, sister and others.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Upward and onward. In it to win it!
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Monday, August 16, 2021


She wore flowers in her hair-
Yes she did!

46 years of marriage started here-
on the riverbank in Alva, Florida.
When did I get wrinkles and
when did his hair disappear?

Not such great pictures.
We lost most of our pictures 
during a move.

As you can see-
The bride wore a Gunne Sax gown
and the groom wore a

Then, we had to re-marry a few years later
just to make everyone happy!

And where are those pictures?
Yeah- I am wondering that, too! 

Hope you all have a wonderful day.
I am planning on doing the same!
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Wednesday, August 11, 2021


I posted already 

an update on

Facebook & Instagram

but I know not all of you are on those sites.

Jason's surgery was yesterday

and it went well.

Today he moved out of ICU to a 

regular room and he should be 

coming home this weekend.  

                 We don't know what the road to recovery

will look like.

We don't know what follow up treatment

lies ahead of him yet.

What we DO know is that

God has Jason in the palm of his hand

and will pave the path

as he moves forward.

If you are a 'pray-er',

please pray.

If you don't pray,

please wing good thoughts

and healing thoughts his way

and enfold his family in those

thoughts and prayers.

Thanks to all of you that have reached out

with love and messages of hope

and encouragement.


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Friday, August 6, 2021


 Life is always full of surprises.

Just when we think things are

going along swimmingly,

something happens.

This time it happened to my 

son-in-law, Jason.

He started a brand new job

last Monday.

He was sitting in the airport

waiting to fly out and 

he had a massive seizure.



A rare brain tumor.

He had no symptoms until the seizure.

I am so thankful it happened in the airport

and not while he was in the air.

This coming Tuesday he is scheduled

for brain surgery.

Please pray for him, 

his wife, my youngest daughter, Mindy,

his kids and the rest of the family.

If you are not a pray-er,

please wing healing thoughts,

best wishes and positive vibes

their way.

I will be headed down to spend the 

next week or so with them.

As always,

thank you so much for all your

prayers and good thoughts.

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