Friday, February 11, 2022


First of all-

Thank you all so much for playing along.

Let's get to it!


Sandi-wants some alone time at the table to drink juice out of her wine glass-hmmm..Maybe she could come really early--or really late. Jane-loves the setting but will need a hoist to get up from her seat...any volunteers?, Nancy-doesn't want a boost up-wants me to raise the table!, Linda/LifeJournal-deserting MA to sit here, Lorrie-had to play paper/scissors/rock to make her choice, Missy the wino-here for the wine-can't wait to see her paintings after the wine intake, Laurie-bringing her homemade wine-FatCat.HappyDog (yep-that's the name of her wine You will notice she is sitting right next to the designated wino), Karen, Connie, & Pam S.


A smaller sweet group of ladies-

Amy/ToodyGoo-wants to bring her Cockapoo, Sadie, as a little girlfriend for Scruffy-sadly, Scruffy wouldn't know what to do with a girlfriend if he had one---thank the vet for that!  Marilyn/MountainTop-Really like Table#4 but thought it looked like it was set for a Queen and wasn't sure if she knew which utensils to use at any given time.  So-here she is-safe at #2!  Also here- LisaK, Ellen and Kelly.


Penny, MadSnapper-wants to steal the quilt and asked for hand sanitizer-guess I won't tell her she will be using a port-a-potty for the sanitizing! Ginny, PattyMcDonald-Wants a cushion for the bench...I will get right on whipping one up, Melanie, TerriD-says she is TAKING the quilt with her-I am tacking it to the table so she will need pliers and I will catch her before she frees it, Lynne, Vee, Carla, and my dear Gert.


Ron-the Cocktail King-thinks it is the classic table, bj missed the fact that Ron was here,  Rose, Doris, DonnaC, Lynda


Debra/SheWhoSeeks, Denise, Theresa, Julie, Judy/NorthOra, Kim/NutBrown, Kris, Jack & Sherry-our travelers enjoying the Sweet Warm South, Jan/LowCarb, Sandie/Chatty, Jeanie, Pat, bj, & Connie-thinks all Valentine's Day tables should be for two-but guess she will put up with the rest of you.


Diane, Dawn, MA, bobbie-pink makes her barf so please DO NOT WEAR PINK at this table or risk getting puked on, Jettie-who MIGHT behave herself for once, Jan, Jane, Nonie, BillieJo-NOT romantic-but don't tell her hubby-guess she has been fooling him for years. AND Buttercup

AND KATHY-Sorry I forgot you- you can sit at the head of the table.

AND MEVELY!  Wow- Not a good day here.  lol

AND HAPPY ONE! Missed her, too.

Not a great day at table#6!


Linda/Life&Linda-set a very similar table last year, Pam K, Sue/PearTreeFarm-bringing a sweetie-hope her hubby knows, Leena, Bless, Michele, Ann-afraid she will slop on the table. It's okay Ann-I have a LOT of grandchildren so I am used to messes!

SO-there you have it-

Another Pick Your Favorite results.

I apologize for anyone I missed.

I go back and forth from FB responses to comments on the blog, to emails so I sometimes miss someone.

If I missed you-PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

I wanted to get this done before 


but I will still be away for a while.

We are in a new place of life after losing my brother-in-law, Steve.  So, bear with me for a bit.

Love you all and 


See you soon!

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Monday, February 7, 2022


 This afternoon

my dear brother-in-law,

Steve Kosmoski

passed peacefully 

from this world to the next.

He is beyond all pain and sorrow

and, if you are a believer like me,

I believe he has entered a grand new world

called Heaven.

Steve is the oldest son in the middle,

John is the middle son, on the left,

Paul is the 'baby' on the right.

They are all 18 months apart.

That picture was taken just after John
was declared cancer free after his
third bout with cancer.

They also have an older sister
that lives in New York.
John and Steve were going out to see her
last Fall but never got to make the trip.

Please keep his wife, Carol,
in your prayers as she walks
the new path she finds herself on.
Widowhood is not easy.
She is going to miss her constant companion
and the love of her life.
Thank you all for all of your prayers
and well wishes and healing thoughts.
They are much appreciated and 
I love you for taking the time to 
visit here and leave your comments.

I will be taking a few days away
from blogging but will be back soon.

Love to all of you~

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Saturday, February 5, 2022



my brother, Charlie,

walked into the hospital ER
because he wasn't feeling well.

On February 5th,  2013,
 4:04 pm he left the hospital.
He didn't leave the way we hoped,
nor the way we expected.
He went to a different home
than the one he left that last Tuesday.

He developed a very rare cancer
that affects less than 1% of
cancer patients.  It is fast moving
and there is less than a 1% chance
of survival.

I  struggled trying to figure
out why this has happened.
Then a peaceful thought came to me.
Our little granddaughter,
Anna Bella, 
needed an Uncle
to keep her company.
A great-uncle.
Great in more ways than one.

Wasn't he a cute little boy?
We knew that last morning that his
time to be with us was to be
They put him on a morphine drip
and he gently drifted away
without pain.

What you don't know about
my brother is that he was a 
joker-He loved to make
people laugh.
He was the "smiliest" person
I ever knew and he
dearly loved a good joke.

You know, even in moments of 
blinding pain there are
sparks of laughter,
After we said our good-byes and 
gave him permission to go "home",
we were all sobbing.

I told him: "You are so, so loved here
and Mom & Dad
and our grandparents and 
uncles and cousins and family
are all waiting for you-waiting to
welcome you to Heaven".

My sister-in-law added...
"And Snow White".
What? I asked.
Maybe you read a different
Bible than I do cuz I don't
think Snow White is in Heaven.

Everyone in the room erupted
in laughter.
In the burst of laughter
my brother, Charlie,
took his last breath of
life on this Earth.
We knew then that he 
was free to go because
in spite of our sadness
there was one last smile for him.

I'm betting that right now,
up in Heaven,
he is setting our little Anna Bella
up to some mischief
just like  I my father used to 
set him up.

He passed so-so peacefully,
with nary a complaint.
You did good, Charlie,
very, very good.

Now I feel like I have a 
that watches over me.

As a family, we have moved on,
walking different paths than the ones 
we were on and that is okay.
Happy memories keep us company
on those days when we mourn
our earthly loss.

Take a moment today to 
tell someone you love them.
If there are rifts in your family,
mend them while you have time
for tomorrow is never guaranteed
and there are no "do-overs"
when death comes to visit.

Have a wonderful, blessed day.
I hope YOU have a 
in your life!

As I write this, my hubby's brother,

is drifting towards heaven.
Please pray for a peaceful passing 
for him and comfort for his wife, Carol,
and siblings.

ps.  Snow White?  She was Charlie's cat.
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Friday, February 4, 2022


The picture below is me myself!
A happy-go-lucky little Miss.
My Father thought everything I did was funny.
My Mother thought nothing I did was funny.
It made for some uneasy family meals.

Below you will see me standing 
next to my Aunt Erma.
One of my Father's sisters.
She is holding one of her pride & joy grandchildren.
She is happy.
That's her happy face.
Notice how she is ignoring me?
See how happy I am?
As a reference guide
Compare it to the picture above.
See what I mean?
I was NOT Aunt Erma's favorite niece.
As a matter of fact, I think I was on the bottom of her list.
Why? Why you ask?
Well, it started with a can of paint
(kinda like this one)

I think I was about 6 (or maybe 7)

I believe my age was


(Accompanied by a red face 

to match her red hair).

Anyway, the best I remember it..

I took her white house paint..

and I just stirred a wee bit of BLACK paint
into all the cans.
There were lots of cans.
There were enough cans to paint her whole house
and she had a BIG house.
My father asked me if I did it.
I said..YEP!
He asked WHY?
I said..Because I did.
My Auntie said that was

My Father suggested she paint the house grey.
She did NOT think that was funny.
She did NOT think I was cute.
My Father bought her new paint.
She got to keep the old paint too!
Now I ask you...

Was that fair? 

No need to vote on that question!

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