Thursday, October 17, 2019


Hello my friends~
Life is so odd sometimes, isn't it?
I met a barista at Starbucks, Laura,
several years ago.
A wonderful woman a few years
younger than myself.
We became pretty good friends
and she worked with my 
youngest daughter, Mimi.

She recently retired and I 
attended her retirement party.

This morning I got an urgent message
from her about her daughter, Abby.
I am going to paste here just what
she texted me.
My daughter Abby is pregnant with identical twins. It is a very high risk pregnancy, twin to twin transfusion. She had surgery in Philadelphia two weeks ago. During the surgery her membranes were ruptured and her water broke. She did not go into labor, and her tear healed. She is home now on bed rest. So far her doctor doesn’t feel the surgery was a success. We are in the fight of our life to save these two boys. She is 19 weeks now. We are praying she can make it to 30 weeks and that the smaller twins bladder fills. Abby did finally share her story on social media. The boys need all the prayers they can get. So I am reaching out to you and asking if you could keep Hunter and Hayden in your prayers

Here is a picture of her beautiful daughter, Abby-
Here is an ultra sound of her sweet twins~
As always,
I would never post pictures without permission.

Please pray for these sweet babies,
AND for their mama and daddy,
and for my friend, Laura &
all the other family connected to them.

My 2nd prayer request is for a
dear blogging friend's hubby,
Katie Rickers sent me a message
after I saw this on Facebook,
asking for prayer for her wonderful, 
loving husband, Rob.
Last Monday we got the worst news. Rob had a skin biopsy on his leg come back as melanoma. It’s the kind of news you can’t even breathe when you hear. As I look back on some of our trials I have seen God’s hand and I know that He doesn’t waste pain but it’s hard not to ask why😢 Rob has been nothing but amazing through our 20+ years together. He is the best husband and dad you could imagine. We have gone through so much together but we have made it stronger together. I don’t know what God is going to do through all of this but we have faith in Him. We could really use your prayers as he is undergoing surgery this Friday morning at MD Anderson. Please pray that it has not spread into his lymph nodes. The thought of losing my best friend is unbearable. The kids are doing okay but as you can imagine it’s been devastating. We need all medical tests to come back with good results. I’ll give everyone a update as I learn more. Thank you for praying 🙏💜

Please uplift their family in prayer, also.
They are such kind, loving people,
the kind of people we need more of
in this world.

As always,
if you are NOT a praying person,
please send your well wishes
and wing good, healing thoughts
their way.
You will be heard!

Thank you all so much.
I have the best readers
in the world!!!!
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Sunday, October 13, 2019


Good morning!
A while back an old
blogging friend, Carol,
wrote to me and asked
me to do a prayer post 
for her husband.
I put it in a draft to post
on a Sunday and,
I am sorry to say,
forgot to ever post it.

So, today I am reaching out
to ask you to pray for 
Sid, Carol's husband.
Here is what she wrote:

Carol Henstra
My husband  Sid had a severe stroke. Going on three weeks ago.  His left arm, hand and leg are not working. In order to walk. He has to sit first then walk.  His talking has improved with speech therapy. They have to put  him with a machine  called a lift to get him in this wheelchair.
He also had  a blockage  in his abdomen. Causing him  to have a suction to drain his bile. He is not doing well.

This just came from Carol at 11:30 this morning-

Carol Henstra

11:24 AM (3 minutes ago)
to me

Thank you for posting this of Sid. Update
Sid is in hospital but they had to move him into a room with another patient. He had his operation. Last week. It was for a enlarged prostate gland. He still has to have the catherda  inserted as they are flushing out the urine to make it clear. They do not want to insert and take out until the urine is all purified. Then we pray he will be able to do it all on his own. Without the Catherdar.

 He is eating well. He still is a little confused. Which is still from the stroke. Yet he likes the room mate. He Peter is his name. And he watches out for Sid. He speaks well of my husband as a happy humours likeable guy. The nurses care for him as best they can considering the shortage of nurses.

So in order to be moved to any Long Term Place. One can wait for 3 to 8 years in the hospitial. Family is supportive you bet.  My one son and daughter and there wife and husband, Grandkids. Plus friends.  As a family we have to put down about 8 places of our choice for Sid to go to a Long term Home.  When a bed comes along. Out of our list. If a bed is available. Then he will go. 

Sid is getting rehab. It is slow. Of having the paralysis  in his hand, arm  and in his area of sitting. He has to have the lift to get him in the  wheelchair and back in bed.   Will he sit and walk. Only the Lord will know.  For him to walk again like this with me. Us walking down the street in Toronto. To Famous Aquarium. Would be a prayer answered.

Of course this is a huge shock for me and family.  I try to see him as much as I can in week and weekends. I am living at my daughters. So praying that when he moves it can be close to my daughters or my sons who lives another 45 minutes extra  to get a home there.
Sid and I  married 58 years this past Sept 16th. To be separate is breaking my heart.  Thank you for your prayers. God bless Diana  for posting this. I will keep you posted through Diane.
Carol is no longer blogging.

Please pray for both of them.
If you are not one that prays,
please wing healing thoughts
and well wishes their way.

Thanks so much-
Next up this week- 
Halloween Pick Your Favorite!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019


I crammed about 20 hours of work
into 11 hours yesterday-
some at the office and
then came home and did
office work for our household.
My mother always said 
"No rest for the wicked".
I think I resemble that remark!

Anyway-That means I did NOT 
get a chance to
prepare for a long post today.
So- I am giving you just a 
I will have a whole
I hope...I hope...I hope....

Oh-I do have one other little thing
to show you.
I bought a tomato plant from the 
nursery this Spring.
I think it is called a Big Boy.
It looked like this when I bought it.
This is what they promised.
This is what I dreamed about.
I babied that little sucker along 
and moved it here so it would
be protected.

Here is what MY PLANT looks like.
to add insult to injury
SweetCheeks:  I don't think you better EAT that tomato, Nana.
There's something 
Me:  Yes-I can see that.
SC: It looks like a BUTT tomato!
Me: uh-huh--thanks for noticing.

SC:  Did you plant pumpkins, too?
Me: Sure did!

This is what my pumpkins look like.
If you're looking for a part time gardener
I come cheap!

I hope you are having a 
so far---and that your 
'garden produce' is better than my own.
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Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Well, here I am again with things
that I cut out of magazines
over the years.
My own personal Pinterest!

I have NO idea what the source 
these outside ideas came from
so I can't reference them.

I LOVE this.
Here's the funny thing- 
I hung a lit pumpkin like this from a
 Shepherd's Hook
in our backyard.
I thought I was SO CLEVER.
Well, that cleverness must have come by osmosis
because I found that in my 
Book Of Ideas
two weeks after the "hanging"!
 At night it's very eerie because
the wind moves it and it looks
like it is floating.
Scared the beans out of someone I know.

I think the urn under it is just gorgeous!
 I need to put something like that together.
The green urn looks great for the base, doesn't it?

Crazy about this idea for a birdbath!
I can't tell you how many ideas I have copied
over the years.
Are there really ANY new ideas?
Or am I the only copy cat out there?
You know I  just sit around 
and eat Twinkies and wait
for others to come up with ideas
for me to steal use, right?

I never see burlap on blogs anymore.
I think maybe its time has passed.
However-look at this!

How about some glowing 
for your porch?

This says to use a topiary frame but I think 
it would work with a
tomato cage tied together at the top.
I'm not sure what the little "balls"
are but they look like burdock(?)
to me.  
It doesn't say what they are.
Here's the directions.
 Speaking of glowing.....
How about getting a little glow on 
INSIDE the house?
Oh- Wait-That looks like soda pop
to me!
Maybe you'd care for some of this instead?

Just make sure you don't 
drink too much
because you don't want 
to end up looking like
WC Fields
As for me?
I'll be warming up with a
sugarless Pumpkin Spice Latte.
Courtesy of Starbucks-
Thank you very much!!!!

Have a wonderful week!
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