Thursday, June 17, 2021



Hi blogging friends~

You that know me know that I am an


when it comes to techy stuff with

my blog.

Anyway,  I told my friend, Linda,

Life & Linda Blog,

My Fairy Blog Mother,

that I would post something here for those of you

that need help like I did!

She will help you change your 

mail over from feedburner

to use an alternate FREE service/MailChimp.

I did this 

so that my followers could follow me

(straight to the crazyhouse).

Linda switched me over to 

Mailchimp because, 

I know y'all don't want to miss my

heartfelt, crazy, funny, endearing posts.

This is the sidebar subscribe widget she designed for me.

She will also design the email campaign that y'all

 receive.  Linda always matches your blog.

So, click on the links and pop over

and ask for help.

There is a very reasonable fee if she does the 

switch for you, but trust me,

you won't have to take out a loan,

and she will walk you through whatever

you have to do for the set up.

Here is what I know-


Linda has found a way to remove your address from your Email campaigns.

Also feel free to use an old address, an P.O. box.

Feedburner in July will not be sending out your email, so you have to switch to something so your readers won't miss out on your new posts.

Linda from Life and Linda- also My Fairy Blog Mother has been transferring bloggers over to the FREE Mailchimp email marketing for a fee.  Mailchimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers. Mailchimp is the most popular marketing program and Linda knows all the ins-and-outs of it.  It was so worth it to pay her a very reasonable fee to make the switch over.

She has also provided a link to a Mailchimp video tutorial for those who wish to make the transition themselves. AND GOOD LUCK WITH THAT -Maybe YOU can figure it out---

I didn't because I am lazy, dumb, camping.

Linda wrote a tutorial for those using Feedburner on how to export your subscribers using the CSV format.  You will need that if you using another email marketing service.

While you are in your Feedburner account, you will want to pay attention to some subscribers mostly with the email.  Those are usually spammers.

She had to lead me through the process
to even check into my Feedburner account.
Yep- I am that un-techy.
No, I am not leaving Blogger!
Just switched to Mailchimp for your email updates.

So--while y'all are doing that,
Scruffy and I will be walking through
the quiet woods of the campground,
sitting around a campfire 
and scaring off anything that looks 
remotely like wildlife-
including the grill.  It
has a black cover on it and apparently
looks like a black bear.
It has been barked into submission
so we're good!

This is how the men in my life
like to lay around
in the camper when they are tired.
At least the two-legged ones
wear pants---usually~

Have a wonderful week
and reach out to Linda for help!
You'll be glad you did!!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021


Gotta love those old hotels.

We have stayed in a few of the 

really old hotels over the years.

NOW we have taken to camping...I think.


One of the most photographed hotels

around here

is the old Maribel Caves Hotel.

Before that there was another old hotel and
people used to go to be cleansed and healed
by the sweet spring waters that flowed there.

Here is the only picture I could find of 
The Maribel Caves Hotel
when it was still in use.

It has always kind of fascinated me.
It was built in 1900 and 
supposedly visited by Al Capone.
It went up in flames in the 1920's,
was rebuilt  and burned again in the 1960's.
It was reported to be haunted and 
singing could be heard
along with sightings of  a child 
dressed in white.
When there was a new moon it "glowed".
The floors have been gone for several years
and this is what it looked like from the first time 
I ever saw it.
This was considered to be haunted
and was often called Hotel Hell because of the 
red stains on the walls of the cellar
and there were accounts of moans
and cold spots when it felt as if you
were brushed by cold hands.

There used to be doors from the basement
that went into the Maribel Caves,
some of which were located below the hotel.

This place has scared generations of kids
that would go there at night.
Including my son who swore he heard 
"something" in the old stables.

We had had some bad storms over the past few years.
Bad storms with high winds.
Sadly, when I went by the last time,
this is what I saw.
Gone- All Gone-
Only the door facade stands intact.
No one will walk those haunted halls again.
No more reason to be scared.
Or is there?
This is what you see just down the road.
Camping anyone?
We don't camp here
but it is a really cool campground.

We are on a permanent site now
in Door County, WI.
It's a great place; quiet & peaceful.
We have made friends with some
of the other campers our age.
Many of them have dogs there.

I might be a little prejudiced.
As you can see-he is also ambitious.

Stay tuned-
I am just getting the camper set up
and will share some pictures soon.

We sadly said 
to our Minnie 
and she is being loved by a new family.
With hubby's health being what it is
we were unable to travel with it
like we had hoped.
Some dreams are just not meant
to be realized.
Remember that~

Have a wonderful week.
Bear with me if I don't get around
to visit you.
When we are at the campground
we have NO internet and 
very limited phone service.
Good or bad?
Good for the quiet and disconnect-
BAD when you can't google something
you need to know...
like....where is the back-up breaker
for the AC unit?  hmmmmm...

Thank God I have a son that
is only a phone call away-
he is like the 
mastermind of 'Mr. Fixit'.
I should try to figure out how much
money he has saved me over the years
and leave him a little extra in the will.....

And on that happy note-
see ya soon!

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