Thursday, March 28, 2019


I am off to watch my 
Indiana grandkids for a few days.
Coming back, I have another
household of grandgirls to watch--
they are all in school though
so I will be able to work everyday.

I am also in the process of helping
someone move a bunch of stuff.

Then-finally- we are headed away for a bit-
coming back around Easter time.

I will miss you all while I am away
but will come back refreshed
with LOTS to tell you, I'm sure!

Have a happy Easter and,
if I get the chance,
I will pop in here and there to say
but for right now it is
see you soon!

Love all of you-
Be good while I am away-
and I KNOW how hard that is for
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Tuesday, March 26, 2019


I made this the other night
for the first time in ages.
It is SOOO good AND easy!

I wanted to post it before the
warm days of spring hit too hard.
There is nothing like good soup
on a cool day.

There are tons of
recipes out there for
French Onion Soup
but this is my own recipe.
Most of them call for
wine added to the mix
somewhere along the line.
I don't drink because
of a reaction I have to alcohol.
MyHero doesn't drink
either - well, just because
he doesn't.

What to do for good 
Well, ma'am, I 
the onions.

This is the simplest recipe
you will EVER make.
I promise.

Take 3 or 4 
large yellow onions..
Vidalias if you can find them.
Slice into rings about
1/4 inch thick..or thicker...
or thinner...doesn't matter.
Put them in a large, heavy
saucepan placed over
 barely medium heat.

Throw the onions in there
with about 1/2 cup melted
Stir onions until they are
coated with butter.
Place a tightly fitted lid on top.

Stir a few times till they are
heated a bit.
Turn the burner down to your
lowest setting.
Walk away.
Come back in a half hour or so
and stir them down.
Check them every ten minutes or so
and when they are 
transparent  let them continue
cooking until they start 
turning a pale golden brown.
Remove the cover~
Then start stirring them 
more often so 
that they don't burn.
When they are a wonderful
medium golden brown
pour in a large container
of Swanson's Beef Broth.
(32 oz or so)
Add 1 tsp. garlic powder (not salt).
This time I used about 
1 teaspoon of minced garlic from the jar
(the kind in oil in the produce dept here)

Cover and continue to let heat
for 20 to 30 minutes.
Don't boil it though.

Cut bread into a round that will
fit the top of your oven proof bowls.
Toast the bread.

Ladle soup into the bowl.
Add bread on top.
I usually use Rye bread.
Cover with 1 or 2  round pieces of 
Provolone cheese
sprinkle with a tablespoon
of grated Parmesan.
Preheat broiler.
Place bowl under broiler
for 3 to 4 minutes or until
cheese is bubbly and golden.
It goes from brown to burnt
in a New York minute.
Sprinkle with just a pinch 
of fresh parsley or sweet basil.

leave it under the broiler  this long.
(5 minutes for my oven).
And here you were thinking 
I was dadgum near perfect, weren't you?

Well, the one above was
thank you very much.
I didn't want to waste it
and I didn't want 
MyHero to whine about
burnt cheese....
His looked like this~

So...there you have it...
Serve with a 
Caesar's salad and
you have a complete meal.

ps...just a warning...
Don't be kissing your cousins
unless they have been eating 
the onion soup, too....
ummm...wait a minute...
you shouldn't be kissing your
cousin at all, should you?
At least Wisconsin says it's 
A No-No.

Here's the condensed recipe..
Get it? Condensed? Soup?...oh never mind..

French Onion Soup
3 or 4 LARGE sweet onions
1/2 cup butter (even if you double this recipe

you don't need more butter) NO OLEO!
1 teaspoon garlic powder or minced garlic
salt & pepper to taste
1-32 oz container Beef Broth.
(you can add an extra small can
to this if you like it "soupier")
Rounds of rye bread
Rounds of Provolone cheese or mozzarella 
Parmesan cheese

Melt butter in a heavy pan over medium heat.
Add onions and stir to coat with butter.
Put lid on. Make sure it fits tight.
When heated through, turn temp down to simmer.
Cover and let cook as long as
needed, stirring occasionally,  until
they turn a medium golden brown.
Add beef broth and continue to simmer
to blend flavors.
Ladle into bowls.
Cover with 1 bread round
Cover bread with 2 slices Provolone cheese
(or mozzarella cheese)
Broil under oven broiler 2 o 3 minutes
until bubbly and golden colored.
Sprinkle with a few bits of
parsley or basil.
Serves 3-4

Have a wonderful spring day- 
there is no green to be seen here yet---
but I have the promise 
that it will come one day 
(soon-I hope)!!!!

Off to the VA this morning
to spread a little sunshine
and push the old boys around!
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Friday, March 22, 2019


Little Miss BrightEyes
has her own take on
I want to post this before 
St. Patrick's Day is too long gone.

The day after St. Patrick's Day:

Bright Eyes:  Am I all done wearing green?
Mama said- "Yes~why?"
Bright Eyes- "Because who wants
to walk around looking like
Above she was at a church party.

Mama: Who is your new little girlfriend?
Bright Eyes- Her name is METAL.
Mama:  What?  What's her name?
Bright Eyes- Her name is METAL, I said!
Mama:  Are you SURE that's her name?
Bright Eyes- No-nobody knows her 
so we all just call her METAL.

I am pretty sure Bright Eyes is the one
that bestowed that name on her.

And- there you have it-
Conversations with The Kid!
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Thursday, March 21, 2019


Rather than me
trying to do two prayer posts
I thought I would send you to
these two wonderful bloggers
that need prayer-
or good thoughts and healing wishes.

I am putting Terry first 
simply because his surgery is today.
wrote a post about Terry.
Click here to leave her a little
love-filled message.
He has had way too much pain
for way too long!
Next to my son-in-law,
Terry is my favorite fireman!

Please pray for 
Debby Ray (My Favorite Things).
Gotta love a gal that dresses her dog in pink!

She has had a terrible time of it-
misdiagnosis, pain, tests & more tests,
hospital stays-etc.
Please click HERE to read her post.

As always thanks for praying-
and if you don't pray-
Thanks for any good thoughts
and healing wishes.

Have a beautiful spring day!
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Short and Sweet

I call this

Sister Secrets.

This has always been
my favorite Springtime
picture of these
3 girls when they were little.

Sweet Cheeks, Ria & Lulu
in the dresses I made for them
for a trip to Disney World.
Hey- What's the big secret, SweetCheeks?
Don't you love it?

I hope you have someone
special in 
to share a secret with.

Have a blessed, wonderful
first day of Spring!
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Monday, March 18, 2019


I usually just do these
prayer requests on Sundays

Our beautiful friend,
Linda from Life & Linda
needs prayer.

She is caretaker to her mom,
wife, blog designer,
(The Fairy Blogmother)
3 time cancer survivor and now,
to top things off,
she has pneumonia.

Linda has helped me out too many times
to count when I had blog problems.
She did it with no expectations
except being helpful.
She is a gem.

Please pray for her.
She has so many that depend on her.
We need to see that bright light
restored to good health.

As always, if you are not 
a person that prays,
please send healing thoughts
and good wishes her way.

Just want to add-
you are all just 
when it comes to doing this.

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Sunday, March 17, 2019


Sometimes life is bittersweet, isn't it
to remember the days when 
people in our lives celebrated
special days with us?

Days like St. Patrick's Day!

I was always well aware of 
being Irish.
My grandmother was an Owen
and her family immigrated from Ireland.
She died long before I was born
so I never had the pleasure of
knowing her.

The family unit I knew as a child 
is all gone now.
A father, a mother and one younger brother.
We celebrated 17 years of Sundays  together 
before I left home. 
17 years out of a lifetime isn't much but
 0h! the memories created then..

My parents were not religious people
but they were believers.
I grew up right next to a Catholic church
but never attended there.
This was taken from the road in front of our house
before the road was paved..

I don't remember my father ever
going to a church service.
My mother took us kids sporadically over the years.
When I was a young teen I
started going on my own
with some cousins.
A little country church with a marvelous pastor,
Melvin Shultz.
His wife, Thelma, had the voice of an angel
and I loved
to sit as close to her as I could on a 
Sunday morning..
My father always pared the farm work down
to a bare minimum on all
Holidays and every Sunday,
doing only the chores that were necessary to 
get by for the day.

My Grandfather, dressed in his Sunday suit,
 would stand here by the
road on a Sunday morning to greet people
on their way home from church.
He lived with us for about 5 years
until I was 6 or so.
I remember when my father planted
the elms on the left hand side
to give some shade to the front yard.
They were mere saplings then.

The big barns are long gone now.
The house burned to the ground 15 years ago or so.

The shed that you see in the picture above
(that is hidden behind the trees)
is the only building that remains
of the original farm buildings.
I remember when my Father and two neighbors
built that shed for wood, storage and butchering.

Going the other way, down the hill,
the road makes a sharp curve then leads down
 to my Aunt Bessie's house.
She, too, is gone these many years.
 I spent a lot of time in the woods
that grew along the road..

Sweet, sweet memories this morning.
Memories of coffee percolating
on the kitchen counter-
Watching the sun rise and flood the East facing kitchen with light.
Bacon sizzling in the frying pan-
the sharp crack of eggs against the side of the pan-
Biscuits with home-churned butter and honey
from the bees from the hives
down past the little pond.

Sunday Memories-
Stored Forever-

And----just so you don't think I have gone
all smarmy  and  sappy on you
here is what I plan to serve MyHero
for breakfast this morning if he
doesn't shape up.
It will go great with a side of
poisonberries boysenberries.

.You can order your very own

I guess I got sidetracked from a
St. Patrick's Day Post...
but that is what you get when you
visit me.  lol...
You never know what lane my
mind will go down.

I hope you have a wonderful
St. Patrick's Day & Sunday.
Make it special and tell someone
you love them.
As for me--
I'll be looking for leprechauns
and I really need to visit
the Blarney Stone
before I die!
Who knows what I could talk
MyHero into after that!
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Saturday, March 16, 2019


Many of you know Kris,
and those of you that know her
know about all the struggles 
she has had this last couple of years.
Hubby's job-
Mom moving back to the area-
Recent foot surgery-
The list goes on and on.

Today she is asking for prayers
for her mom & Terry.
Her mom JUST got back from Florida
and is in the hospital with heart issues.
Her hubby, Terry, has been in terrible pain
for months with his back.
Meds & shots have not worked.
Now he is scheduled to have 
next week.
Did you know that 
next to my son-in-law
he is my 

Pray not only for Kris's mom
and Terry but pray for 
Kris's peace of mind, too.

She gives so very much to others-
let's give back to her by
sending up prayers.
As always, if you don't pray,
please send healing thoughts 
and well wishes her way.

Her request is on her blog here.
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Saturday, March 9, 2019


This has been quite a week.
I received prayer requests
for several people.
How I got to be the messenger
is beyond me---
because I am not a
"religious type".
I don't fit that mold.
I guess Someone saw fit to 
use imperfect me to pass
along these
Prayer Requests~

First up-
Connie's hubby, Steve,
needs prayers for health issues.
He is very private so asks
that you pray and he figures God
will know his name and know what
you are praying for.
Isn't he a handsome devil?
hmmmm...maybe I shouldn't be using
in a prayer request?
We'll let God sort that one out.

Next- Sandi-RoseChintzCottage
is asking for prayer for her son, Jeff.
He suffered a concussion and has 
ongoing problems with dizziness
and other side effects.
He is unable to work at this time.
This young man needs to 
so he can move on with his life.

Debbie-Dabble's nephew, John,
continues his fight against cancer.
You can read about him here
He is fighting the good fight but please
pray for him and his family.

Also, please continue to pray for
Wild Bill,
Sugar's hubby (AtRivercrestCottage)
He has a PetScan coming up.
Let's pray that he is 
so they can move forward
with health issues behind them.

Also, please continue to pray for
Devon Wooten.
He is a young man that continues 
his fight for a cancer-free life.
He has brain cancer,
and desperately needs a healing.
So very sad.
I will never understand why
have to suffer like this.

Now- here is the sad thing.
I KNOW someone else
asked me for a prayer request post.
I cannot, for the life of me,
remember who it is---
sorry---blonde moment.
If you asked me and I don't have you included,
please let me know and I will go in and add 
your/the name.

As always,
if you are not a person that prays,
please wing good thoughts, good wishes and
healing vibes towards these good people.

Have a blessed weekend and

Back Monday with the
Some of you should 
to be raked over the coals...
and you know who you are....

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