Monday, May 3, 2010

Your sink or mine?

Our house has a bath with a view. It is called the kitchen sink- or as we like to call it- The Sink Bath. As long as you are little enough to fit in the sink (and get all your limbs inside) you have the privlege of being able to take a Sink Bath in Nana's sink. As you can plainly see, Ria is clearly PAST the point of sink baths. She tried vainly to cram all of her fingers, toes, arms and legs in there, but I think her sink baths have come to an end.

SweetCheeks is still young enough to fit in the sink and now that BabyE sits up all by himself he can take a sink bath. It is something I always did with my own kids. It started when they were babies at a summer cottage. The bathtub was big, deep, old and ugly-looking. TPot was scared of it. There was a big, old kitchen sink with the drainboard built in located in a back room so I started bathing her in there before she went to bed. This worked out famously! It was the right height (no bending for the pregnant woman- ME) and it filled quick and drained fast. A nice rinse out with bleach water afterwards and the sink was set to go for the breakfast dishes.

The precedent was set. All future babies could, and would, have sink baths until they got to be about 2 or 3. TPot graduated to the tub readily. So did Mimi. comes MamasBoy....he did NOT want to give up his sink baths. As you will see by the picture, he has just been informed that he is too big for sink baths. Sad, isn't it? I could hardly bear to tell him. MamasBoy had a hard time growing up and giving up the toys and joys of childhood. He is still a "kid" in many ways. Only his toys are bigger now and he gets dirtier playing with them.

He just finished working on his latest "toy". I think I better call his wife and tell her he is on his way home. She might want to clean out the sink.
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Emily Ann said...

The first picture is absolutely hilarious! Reminds me of my daughter!! hahaha...

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

That is one cute kid and boy could he wrap you around his finger with that expression. Hard to say no to. I used to give my kids sink baths too. They would sit in there for an hour while I made dinner. Looks like your sink has a view. Maybe if that kid turned sideways he could still fit!