Monday, November 28, 2022



I know that a lot of you come up as


when you leave a comment.

There is a fix for that.

My friend, Kris/JunkChicCottage

posted this and said I could

share it on my blog.

If you come up as anonymous,

please take a couple of minutes

and see if you can figure out how to fix it.

Good luck-I know most of us are not

very techy but we can try, right?

Fixing Anonymous Commenting
I know a lot of you are trying to comment on my blog and you are coming up as anonymous.   
Apparently blogger now allows third parties into their third party privacy settings. 
 If you are reading blogs on or third party cookies are now allowed.

Some browsers and we all use different ones will allow for third party cookies and some do not.  

If you are coming up anonymous when you comment you will have to go into your browser setting to allow third party cookies.

I am no expert on this but my friend Linda (my fairy blog mother) over at understands this change and did a post on how to change your browser settings so you can then comment on other or blogs.

Below is the link to Linda's blog post on how to fix anonymous commenting.  
Take a look at her post and follow her instructions and then all of you that are coming up as anonymous instead of yourself will be able to fix this problem.

  Thank you Linda for helping out on this issue and sharing your post on how to fix the problem.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and are preparing for the holidays with your family and friends.
I have been sorting through 47 years
of Christmas collecting and sending
some of it along to my children
and donating some things.
It's a big job but it sure feels
good to get'er'done.

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Thursday, November 24, 2022



Happy Thanksgiving

to all my blogging friends,

my family and those I love.

MyHero is going hunting this weekend

with my son.

I bought him a special outfit to wear

in the woods

so he would blend in.

Perfect? Whaddaya think?

Be back soon with some

Christmas Cheer!

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Friday, November 18, 2022


You outdid yourselves

this time!

What a sweet Thanksgiving Party

we are going to have.

Here's the results!

There are people at every table

this time.

That doesn't always happen.

Here were your choices~
Oh No-
I see I forgot to number them-
Well-they go from left to right-
skipping the dishes on the top right.
I could fix it-but I am too lazy. (true)

So-here we go~

I had to rent a larger banquet hall for 
TABLE #1-Passel of Pumpkins

Vee, Leena, Theresa, Ma, Kris, Fran, Debra/SheSeeks, Jan, Dawn, Jeanie, Vivian, Gert, Rose, Denise, Jack&Sherry(my RV travelers), Missy, Tete, Happy, Noreen, Rita, Susie, Pam S, Nellie, Cecilia(hates crowds so will sit at the end with cardboard around her to block the view of others), Bless, Liz(bringing another turkey-hope she means one we can eat and not a weird friend), Linda C, Carla, Lynne, Betsy, Nancy, Askasha's Daughter, Melanie, L(who are you L?) Kitty, Polly, bj/SweetNothings-Saving a seat on each side for Sam Elliott and Johnny Depp-(she believes it so I let her), Cheryl J, Sherry L, Sue S(my old co-worker that moved to AZ and left me here in the cold), and, last but not least, Faye!
OH! And my good friend, ANONYMOUS~

Table #2-Copper Cups
Mevely, bobbie, Terri, Ginny, Linda/Life&Linda, Kim, Doris, Michelle D, Ann(doesn't like ANY of them but will sit here anyway) and Sandie(says that copper is unsafe and doesn't want to drink/eat from copper) Seriously-I don't make this stuff up-these things are from the filly's mouth.

Table#3-Some Fall Color
I honestly thought this would be a full table
because of the fall colors.
See what I know? (not much)
A small intimate party of four:
Amy/Toody, Lorrie, Penny C,
and Ron-bringing Martinis for everyone.
I bet bj/SweetNothings will be moving here for the drinks....just sayin.....

Table #4- Creamy Dream
Janie, Kathy, Marilyn, Jenny, Julie, Judy C, Sally, Marydon and Tiffany (my old roommate's sweet daughter)

Table #5-Pass The Pears
A small but sweet group!
Pat, Ellen, Lisa K & Mary
Some people did want to straighten the tablecloth.

Table #6- Sunshine On My Table Makes Me
Another small good group-
    Jettie can bring her dog to entertain everyone. His nickname is Houdini!
Jettie, Woody, Susan G & Rebecca/Becky

Table #7-Lots of Lavender

Diane-Lavender Dreams (go figure she would pick
this table). Jan/Lowcarb, Akasha, Lois & Lou!

So!  There you have it-
Another successful dinner party!
Kind of----lol

If I missed anyone I am SOOO Sorry!
Let me know and I will add you to the mix.
Although, some of you might want to 
leave after the things I said about you.

Have a wonderful weekend.
We are preparing for SNOW!
We have a smattering-just enough for 
Scruffy to roll in and come in 
cold and wet.
For those of you who are wondering..
Yes!  He does have eyes
and you will see them after he goes to
next week!


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Friday, November 11, 2022



I am ashamed to say

that I don't

always think about what the cost

is for my freedom.

I don't always think about

the person that laid

down their life so that

I can enjoy the freedoms

this country allows.

I don't always think about

the day-to-day struggles that

some of our veterans must deal with...

the physical, emotional, spiritual end

of it.

I do think about my Father,

a vet of WWI (yes-WWI)-

He was a young man in the service

and an old man when I was born (53).

I do think about my Uncle Samuel,

that fought in the Korean War~

but I don't ever remember him

mentioning it.

I do think about my foster brother, Gene,

that was part of the Vietnam war years...

the war that wasn't a war,

or so they say.

I do think about my nephew, Scott,

that suffered permanent damage

when he was fired on as

he guarded one of

Sadam's palaces.

He paid the ultimate price with his life

after several years of treatment.

And, I do think about a man

that has a blog..

A man that I met in my blog travels...

you know when you hit that

Next Blog button on the top..

This is a man that gave it all

for his country...

and is now but a shadow

of his former self, on the outside..

Inside- he is a fighter of the

greatest magnitude.

I have a soft spot for 

Kurt The Krippled Warrior.

He lives a hard life but asks

for no pity or sympathy.

I also think about my 

old classmate, Tom,

that was a chief petty officer

in the Navy.

I haven't seen him in years but

I remember his infectious laugh.

I am sure he kept his

Navy friends laughing

with his wit and humor.

The only picture I could find of him

(along with his lovely wife)

Today, I raise a salute 

to EVERY man or woman

that fights (or has fought) for all of us.

God Bless Our Veterans

and those that are serving

our country today.

Without them- we have no hope

for freedom.

God bless you all.

Will be back soon with the

Pick Your Favorite Table

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022



Here we go with some

Now I KNOW all of you can count-
so ONE is GOOD!
Got it?

Here we go:

#1-A Passel of Pumpkins

#2 Copper Cups

#3 Color Fall Color

#4-Creamy Dream

#5 Pass The Pears Please

#6 Sunshine On My Table Makes Me Happy

#7 Lots of Lavender

So, there you have it!
Pick your seat (I won't watch).
and don't get your undies in a bundle
if you have a hard time deciding.
(see how I cleverly tied that into picking your seat)....oh, nevermind......

Have a great week and I will count
the votes next week and give you my
usual taunts and teases.

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