Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back To The Real World

After arriving home we decided to crawl into bed and unpack the next morning. We thought it would look "easier" by morning's light. Wrong-So very wrong! WHAT a mess to untangle. I need to tell you something. IF you drive to Florida, and everyone else flies, YOU get to drag home everything everyone does NOT want to take on the plane. We inherited golf clubs, and extra clothes and souveniers plus our own junk. We had what might be described as a "full load"...and I'm not talking about BabyE's dirty diapers. (we managed to leave those behind).

Now, unpacking on a sunny day is not so bad. Unpacking on a drizzly, cold, miserable day is another story. MyHero suggested that I needed to take the vehicle to the car wash. I suggested that he take that car and stick it........oh, never wasn't that great of a suggestion anyway.

At last, we get everything off-loaded and dragged into the house. Who do you think gets to put all the stuff away? Good guess! It is certainly not MyHero. He is now in possession of the remote control and a TV set that he does not have to share. Wow! There's some really good movies on TV this morning....did you see this one-Michael-He's the arch angel and blah-blah-blah-did you see this one? No! Your Royal Hindaxx-Not since 1985 (or whenever it came out and you watched it 3 times then), I am unpacking all the bags and boxes but thanks for the critic's update.

As soon as I can manage it I am sneaking out the door to Starbucks. Guess what? He won't even know I am gone!
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