Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey SweetCheeks-"Do you think it will rain? Off cohrus iss gonna rain...but I not gonna get wet cus I gotta coverh on an' I doan wanna haf to leave DizzyWurld to go home cuss iss rainin dere too and sides dat I not eben bery wett!" I noticed there was a frown attached to the statement but it wasn't because she was wet-it was because she was afraid we were going to have to leave . Even in a downpour Disney is a wonderful experience if you are a child. Long lines? No problem!
Heat & humidity? No problem! Soaking wet and bone tired? No problem!!

So, what's a problem on a day like this you want to know? Ahhh-yes...we get back to the condo and BabyE has spotted SweetCheeks blue, rubber, multi-spiked ball. THASSS a problem.

"Can BabyE play with your ball?" we want to know. "No, dass my own, thank you!" Yeah, we know it's yours but can BabyE play with it? "Ummmm-iss my own-Oh No! Now hims got it enyways!" Well, can he play with it then? "You know whut its is, Nana?" "No-what is it?" I foolishly ask. Snickering and snorting the reply passes the sweet little lips, "Isss a big bloo boobie, das whut!" And now hims can HAF it!" "Thank you!" "Yoah is NOT bery welcome!" comes the reply.

One more day of adventure over and done with and we are off to see our friends in Port St. Lucie. So, if you stand in the rain patiently until the sun dries your clothes, I will tell you tomorrow about our big adventure at Dr. Balls house.

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