Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Hero the Playboy Centerfold

Well, when I saw this picture all I could think of was that Hugh Hefner was never going to want to pinch any of those bunny cheeks.

You probably think this was taken at Easter, right? Wrong! You are dead wrong! It was taken in July at a party. Years ago, he would have been the one dancing around with a lampshade on his head and not much else. That was certainly the good old days. Today he would be dancing around with a sailor's cap and his Captain Crunch underwear on. (You should see them-but I don't think he will let me take his picture in them) Never mind....some things are best left to the imagination.

His mother used to tell him when he left the house that she never knew who he was going to be. In case you haven't guessed, he caused her to go grey prematurely. His younger brother said he stayed out of trouble by watching MyHero and NOT doing anything MyHero did. Well, at least he was a good example-even if he wasn't trying to be.

If you take the time to look he has signed up as one of my "followers". He did this as a precaution and hopes that it will divert me from writing anything about him. He is, so, so very wrong. If you look closely at his picture you will see that he has picked Chuck Norris to represent him. He has always thought he looked a lot like Chuck Norris. As a matter of fact, years ago people used to tell him that. That was before he started wearing the bunny ears. Now they just look at him and don't say anything.

As most of you know, we are leaving today for Florida. We are taking SweetCheeks along. Great-now I have TWO characters to contend with.....I can't wait! I'll tell you stories from the road when we get settled!
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Have a safe and wonderful trip!
I'm just waiting for the stories...