Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter-Part 2

After a nice, long, Saturday afternoon nap with SweetCheeks, I woke MyHero up. He was going to be late for his movie (from Cinderella to Clash of the Titans all in one day-imagine that). He quickly got dressed, stuffed his pockets full of whatever he thought he could sneak into the movie house (he took brownies once-IN HIS POCKET-Yes, he did) and hied himself off to the theater. Left behind was his sleep mate - one piece of sweaty, sticky childhood on MY pillow.

I woke SweetCheeks up and carried her across the hall where Lucy & Lulu were taking a bubble bath to get rid of the chlorinated water from the swimming pool. SweetCheeks asked them if they pee'd in the bathtub? "NO!" came the disgusted, resounding reply from 2 sets of lips. "Well", she informed them, "Yoah can pee in the watah, ya know...cuz I pee'd in the shwimming pool!" I especially like the little guffaw she gives when she tells one of her "secrets". After a vote (where the adults vote counted double) SweetCheeks got to climb in the tub with the other two kids. She promised not to pee in the bath tub but, as we all know, promises aren't guarantees.

Soon everyone was dry and snuggled into footed pjs. We ordered a pizza for the kids and sandwiches for ourselves. Lulu swore she didn't like pizza shortly before eating 2 big slices. Lucy wrapped her piece in red licorice when no one was looking and SweetCheeks cleaned the cheese off the top of the rest of the pizza. "Eat a whole piece," we told her. "I am, See?"...hmmm...that looks like JUST cheese to me. "Isss not, Nana...isss cheeeese peeza and I eaten the cheeeese parht." Okay by me-I'm not touching it anyway. Here, have a blue marshmallow bunny to wash down the pizza!
Wow! This is working out great-they are so tired out that no one wants to sleep with Nana tonight. I am working my way towards the door. TPot & Mimi are re-telling sweet stories and I am almost home free. Wait..wait.....wait for it....."HEY! Wharss my Nanny goin?" Ignore it ...ignore it...maybe it will go away.. "Dus eny buddy hearh me? Wharrsss Nanny goin?" ok...caught in the act...I respond..."I'm going to my room to sleep with Papa". hmmmmpfff..."I not gonnna go den cuz I is mad at my Papa!"...and....she flops off to her OWN bed! Yea! There is a God and he wants me to be fresh for Easter morning.

Now, if you are very good, and promise not to eat the ears off my chocolate bunny, tomorrow I will finish the Easter story.
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