Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Easter Bunny Cometh

Easter is one of those mornings where you wake up dreading the sugar hangover you are going to have come Monday. However, if you have children at your house you won't have a headache. Well, you might have a headache from the KIDS but you won't have a headache from eating too much candy. They will eat it all for you.
Lulu greeted me with her sweet, candy soaked breath about 7:30 am. "Nana", she whispered excitedly, "I saw the Easter Bunny!" "You did? What was he wearing?" I wanted to know. "Well," she said oh-so-seriously, "I didn't actually see HIM but I saw him going across the carpet!" "What?" "Well, I could see where his feet were pressing the carpeting down as he was hopping across. I never knew that he was invisible when he was in the house!" WOW-Neither did I! Oh! The wonderful things I learn from my grandchildren.

BabyE's basket held a new shirt and a container of Enfamil (that is one SMART bunny) AND a bottle of bubbles. Watching him watching us blowing bubbles was one of the highlights of the day. The person that thought that up had a mind for good, clean fun-I hope they made a fortune with that invention. And, oh, the wonder on his face as he reached out to grab those bubbles. I only wish I had my camera there to catch it.

The girls hunted down their baskets, ate a piece or two of candy, and then put on their beautiful Easter dresses. They were visions of scrubbed clean, pure innocence sitting in their pew. Even SweetCheeks was a model of good behavior (or so I am told). After church, everyone came back to the hotel and we had a little impromptu egg hunt in the hotel lobby...crazy rabbit...hiding those things there! But he did-and all the eggs returned whole with the exception of one that SweetCheeks lobbed towards the basket....and missed.

Brunch afterwards was a grand affair. People smiled and nodded towards the 3 sisters in their matching outfits and BabyE in his little seersucker suit. I felt proud watching them interact with adults that spoke to them. I especially liked it when SweetCheeks told the elderly lady in front of her at the dessert line , "HEY! Dat gween cake isss my own!" She reached ahead as far as her little hands would go to get her dessert! "Say excuse me, Ma'am," I told her as she reached in front of the woman. "I did" she said. Hmmm....must be that hearing thing again. "Well say it again," I told her. "I sayed it~I did"-she repeated. Hmmmm...this isn't working quite right. "SweetCheeks! (speaking sternly now) "Say excuse me right now or put the cake back!" Lord love us! The child lays face down on the carpet in front of everyone and starts sobbing like her heart would break! I said, "SweetCheeks! I want you to say excuse me to the lady because you reached in front of her and that isn't polite!" At this point the lady turns around and says, "She did." Well, wouldn't you know??!! Upon hearing this SweetCheeks perks up her head, wipes the crocodile tears off her face and beams a salty smile my way and in her sweetest voice says..."I telled yoah I sayed Thank You!" hmmmmm...wasn't she supposed to say Excuse me? Whatever!!!!! Is brunch over yet-I need a triple espresso~oh, yeah, and hold the chocolate!
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