Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whuts Dat?

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe. If you eat there take a big wallet and a so-so appetite. I don't know whether all our taste buds were off or it was an "off" night for Chef Head Monkey. We had to wait forever to get our meals and the smiles were wearing a bit thin by the time they plunked the food down. BabyE waited a long time for his applesauce....someone said...look at the ears on that kid-wonder what they meant by that~ (okay-I mighta lied about that last remark)...

We ate rather quickly so that we could get SweetCheeks and BabyE back to the condo and in bed. I ended up going ahead a bit with SweetCheeks and she was afraid of the "storms". If you have never eaten in a Rainforest Cafe you have missed monkeys and butterflies and inside "storms". It thunders, it lightenings, it booms and rain POURS down into a tropical wonderland. I think that is what makes it appealing to most folks. Not our SweetCheeks-not on your life. She does NOT like the thunder OR the lightening OR the booming rainfall. She tightly clutched my hand to hurry me through where all the "monsturs iss hidin in dos bushes, Naneee...hwurry upp!" I told her there were no monsters. She assured me she had seen TWO on the way in. One sounded suspiciously like a bus boy loaded down with a heavy tray to me~the other one sounded like an old man with gas. But, there you have it, she knew there were "monsturs" in there.
We hurried through the jungle and came out into the bar/cashiering area. Lo and behold, there are stools, painted like animals, with no upper bodies. SweetCheeks looks these over a bit and wants to know "whut iss dat?" That, my dear child, is a chair. "Dusn't luuk lwike a chairh to me-it luuks lwike haf an amminal. Whur's hims head?"

I encourage her to sit on the top of the frog stool. She is a bit apprehensive and looking around for the TOP half to come roaming back in; looking for its bottom, I suppose! Look, SweetCheeks we can take your picture on the frog stool-hmmmpff...I doan wanna sit dere butt yoah can take my pickshure if I get on dere, wright? Yep! Climb up and I'll take your picture. I'm finding she LIKES having her picture taken and will go to great lengths to pose in front of a camera. (She is getting more like her Mom (TPot) every day).

I dutifully snap away. She slides quickly off the stool and says, "Less go luuk for der heads"....oh yes...let's! But before we go too far let's do a little shopping. "Papa", SweetCheeks yells, "Whare are yoah? We gotta go buy sum heads or sumthin". Indeed we do.....Wait until she is old enough to see Alice In Wonderland and hear the Queen yell- "Off with their heads"-that ought to be REALLY exciting!
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