Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wishing You Were Here

Don't you love it when people tell you that? You know that they are lying. They no more "wish you were here" than they want to look like Fred or Wilma Flintstone (take your pick-pick a gender and go for it). They just want you to THINK they "wish you were here". Not me-I wouldn't want you here. Otherwise, I wouldn't have any stories to tell because you would see, and hear, them all firsthand. I will tell you, however, that we are having fun...wish you were here to enjoy it ...whoooops...look how easily that lie just slipped out.

Mimi, TheIslandScout and BabyE arrived mid morning. They said BabyE was a wonderful traveler and did an admirable job for an almost 3 hour flight. Do you know how hard it is to be good when you are 8 months old and never quit moving? I never flew with my kids when they were little. At that point in time air fare was so expensive that if you flew your whole family somewhere you turned around and came home because you didn't have any money left to stay anywhere. Besides that, no one we knew flew anywhere...we drove. Matter of fact, I am still driving. I don't like flying. I do NOT have a good flight record. I am a plane and boat jinx! I have landed in an ice storm because of ice build up on the plane, I have seen flight attendants freaked out when they were told to SIT NOW on one of those FunJets (that was NO fun at all)...AND....I have been on a plane that almost landed ON TOP OF another plane. That's why I only fly when I forced to do so.

Anyway, the kids made it here. SweetCheeks was overjoyed to see BabyE. He is her new best friend. I must say she is very gentle with him. Today she was laying on the bed and we sat BabyE on top of her and he started slapping her face (in the baby slap manner). She looked a bit surprised (or alarmed) for a minute until she understood that he was playing. She is almost generous enough to share her doll with him.....almost...but not quite....She said, "Hims a bouy-hims not suppused to play wif dollies anyways." Thank you, little Miss Gender Defender....what a great way to keep your doll to yourself.

Tomorrow we are off to DizzyWurld with two in tow. Get a good night's sleep and I will fill you in on all those antics tomorrow.
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