Thursday, April 22, 2010

We Arrived~

We arrived on Friday travel weary and sticky. At least the back seat passenger was sticky. We don't know WHY she was sticky but she is just one of those kids that ALWAYS seems to be sticky, or worse, greasy....or as they say down South...greeezee.

As we were checking in she spotted some elephants (pronounced lellaflahants, please) in a nearby landscaped area. Nothing would do but we must go see them and have our picture taken with them. She liked the little ones the best. Later, as we were studying the DizzyWurld agenda she decided that no matter what else she did she was going to ride the Dumbo the Flying Lellaflahant ride.

Wouldn't you know we awoke to a rainy, overcast day? We, being hearty Midwesterners (some of us by choice) decided to brave the rain and Do Dizzy. B-I-G mistake! We figured there wouldn't be many people there on a rain drenced Sunday. We were SO wrong. As soon
as we got through the gates SweetCheeks started, "Hey-Where's dat Dumbo the Lellaflahant ride? Come on-come on- huwrrwy upp guys...we gonna misst da rwride!" Trust me-we won't miss it-It's a 45 minute wait IN THE RAIN. We didn't care-We sang, "I Love A Rainy Day"-everyone looked at us like we were nuts (ok-we are a bit nuts) but SweetCheeks never missed a beat-she never complained about the wait-she never complained about the heat-she never complained about the rain. She just smiled and was overjoyed to be at DizzyWurld.

At last she boarded the big boy and up-up-up we went....we went around about 3 times and on the descent SweetCheeks informed me that this "iss da bestest wride eveah and I not gunna go on enyfing elsse cus I luves Dumbo".

Oooopsss-Wait--Whut's dat over dere? OOOOOOOOOOOOhhhh iss big horrsses in a curcle-I gonna go on dat cuz dat is da bestest rwide evah... MyHero and I look at each least it's covered AND only a 30 minute line....wring your clothes out and let's go!

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