Friday, April 2, 2010

Green Is Blue

It is funny the way kids perceive things. Yesterday was April Fools Day & Lulu knew that it was a day you were supposed to play tricks on people. However, she didn’t quite get the concept of HOW the tricks were supposed to work. No, she thought that the trick should be something kind of naughty.

About mid-morning TPot called me. She was laughing hysterically. She had just received an email from Lulu’s teacher. Now, let me preface this by saying that Lulu is a typical "oldest child". She minds her manners, she is a good student and reads & does math in an above average manner. She is, basically, a good little Christian girl. Today-she slipped off the path of righteousness as only a child can-she was naughty.
She thought she would play an April Fool’s trick on some children in her class. Here’s how her version of the "trick" worked- she simply walked up to the kid and shot glue at him out of her squeezable bottle. Better yet-she glued some poor girl’s hair to her head. I'm hoping it was good old Elmer's WASHABLE school glue. Ah...what is the outcome of this you want to know?

Well, in Lulu’s school -when you are on your good behavior-you are BLUE. When you are naughty you move to the GREEN catagory. When you are REALLY bad you move to the RED catagory and you and the principal have a little sit-down chat. Well, Lulu was GREEN yesterday. As soon as the teacher told her she started bawling and couldn’t quit. She doesn’t cry very often and when she does she just can’t stop. Thank God they only had a half day of school.

When she got home I called their house and SweetCheeks informed me that, "Hers laying on da couch wright now cuz hers tirahd from crwying cuz hers wus naughty." "Really?" I ask. Just for the fun of it I asked what Lulu did that was so naughty. "I dunno, I think hers glued herselve to da wall or sumfin & hers gonna turn green". Wow! I can’t wait to see that!
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Jettie said...

OH be sure and take a picture when it happens, lol. You should hear me laughing, I sound a lot like that silly cartoon dog who laughs when he messes up his owner's dirty deeds.

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