Saturday, April 24, 2010

Having A Ball (Dr)

Our friend, Dr. Allen Ball, (his real name) has seen many, many children in his life. He spent his career as an OB/GYN doc and has birthed many babies. He was a grand doctor and donated many hours of time to deliver those special bundles even when he knew his only payment was going to be a Thank You. However, several of those mothers saw fit to honor him by tagging their brand, spanking new babies with his name. So, we have Allen Ball Smith, Allen Ball Johnson, Allen Ball White....just attach a name to Allen Ball and then google it. Somewhere in the New York state vicinity you should find several namesakes. Sorry but my pictures taken there did not turn out. However, SweetCheeks looked exactly the same because she would not take her Princess costume off & wore it most of the week.

So, although I have given you his "story" we all know that this whole thing is coming around to SweetCheeks, don't we? We arrive at the Ball's house mid afternoon. I would be remiss in not mentioning his wife, Carol. She and I met about 12 years ago and became immediate, and fast, friends. I can't think of another person that I would feel free to just pop in on with a 3 year old in tow and know that she would be glad to see me. Not only glad to see me-but she would be as enchanted as I am with the munchin and her invisible friends.

Mimi, TheIslandScout & BabyE followed us in their car so that the Balls could see BabyE. Now that they are permanent Florida residents, our visits are few and far between~so we have to cram all updates into one visit. BabyE was cooed and awwwwed over and then was buckled into the car seat for the trip back to Orlando.

Carol dragged out all her old toys and SweetCheeks set up a tea party fit for two Papa kings whilst SweetCheeks went from Glinda the Good Witch to the Mean Old Witch to The Sweet Little Princess. I have never seen Allen more taken and animated than he was watching her antics. Whilst she was serving them "tea" she was the Mean Old Witch....& she used her magic powers to turn Carol & me into witches also. Carol, of course, was the Nice Witch and I was the Evil Devil Witch. After a minute I said, "OK SweetCheeks, now turn me back into a good witch." She gave me the most beautiful little smile and slanted those eyes at me and said, "But Nanny, I cahn't cuz now Ahm a beautiful princess again an I doan have enuf maggic to turn yoah back...yoah jus gonna haf to stay mean forevah!"...all this accompanied by grand gestures and sweeping arm motions. I thought Allen and Carol were going to split a gut. They wondered WHERE she ever came up with all the stuff and what made her like that. I used one of SweetCheeks favorite lines.....God did!
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