Sunday, April 11, 2010

For Me?????

Just when you least expect it something nice happens. A few weeks ago my daughter, Mimi, house sat for a friend of hers in Fond du Lac, WI. I met her there and we trashed the mean I met her there and we went thrift store shopping. But THAT is another story for ANOTHER day. She dragged me into this scary lot and......well, like I said...that is whole other adventure.

Anyway, her friend, Lacey, is one of the sweetest people I have ever met .(pssst...Congratulations Lacey-I just found out your "secret" but I won't tell anyone-when are you due?) Lacey's mom is one of the most talented people I have ever met-she can do anything-including sitting around in a recliner naked all summer (but we won't talk about that here)- did you notice I didn't mention her Mom's name AT ALL? I don't want to get sued. Of course, I don't think you can get sued for telling the truth, can you? Where was I? Oh, yeah, her Mom can do/make/sew/craft anything.

Hanging on Lacey's living room wall is a beautiful, hand-stitched quilt. The flowers form a wreath and are surrounded by another floral border. I was entranced by the workmanship and beauty of the piece. Last weekend Mimi & family came to visit. When I got home from work she said, "Hey, here's a little something for you!" She tossed me a rolled up piece of cloth and when I opened it I was amazed. Mimi had called Lacey's mom, Lois, (whooops-name just slipped out there) and asked her for the pattern for the piece. Knowing how much I love lilacs and roses (my two favorites) Mimi took the time, and expended the effort, to hunt down the fabrics and make me a wall hanging of my very own. I was touched beyond words.

Now here's the amazing part-Mimi has never been a sewer. So, not only did she make the quilted piece, she had to learn to use a brand new sewing machine AND it was a complicated pattern for a new sewer. Maybe reading this, she will realize how much it REALLY means to me. Thanks Mimi- I love you~ As SweetCheeks would say~ "Yoahs da bestest!"
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If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

It is truly a work of art. Luckily it got all the way to your house with no baby puke on it...... :)