Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Is Coming-Part I

On Saturday we met the kids in a little Mom & Pop restaurant for lunch. I guess SweetCheeks didn't know that we had a room at the hotel where they were staying because she said she wanted to go to "yoah house". I told her we were staying where they were staying. She must have thought I meant the same room because she told me I could sleep on their pull out sofa. I asked if she meant the little sleeper sofa...she looked me up and down and said, "No- I think yoah need da big sohfa." "Well, what about Papa?" I asked her. She looked at him out of the side of her eyes with that sly, devilish look she has and said, "Hims can swleep in da hall cuz I'm still mad at hims". Works for me- at least I have a bed!

After we checked in, all 3 of the girls decided they wanted to sleep in our room. We told them that would be great and we would sleep in their room. "Hey, dat won't wurhk right cuz den whose gonna sleep wif us? We gonna be in dere all by ourselfs!" Hmmmm...SweetCheeks had a point there-she just didn't understand that THAT WAS the point.

After we were settled in, TPot, Mimi, BabyE & I left for a bit of shopping and TheBrawnyMan, IslandScout & MyHero stepped in to take charge of the 3 girls. They were going to spend a couple of hours swimming. When we got back we could see the 2 hubbys & Lulu & Lucy in the pool. Where were MyHero & SweetCheeks we wanted to know. They went to the room to watch a movie we were told. I head off to the room with my few purchases and open the door. I am greeted by dead silence. No voices, no music, no movie playing, ....hmmm...what is wrong with this picture?

I step fully into the room and there, in sweet repose, lies SweetCheeks and MyHero, each hugging their own side of the bed. I guess SweetCheeks must have forgiven him because she is sleeping in HIS bed and he is NOT in the hall. She will be mad all over again when she wakes up and finds out that he watched Cinderella while she was sleeping!
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