Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Florida Or Bust Part 3

Day 3 dawns bright & early. Everyone showered and ready? uh....yes...except.............UH OH
MyHero forgot to pack clean you-know-what into the overnight carry in bag. We have a little road trick that we use. We each pack our clothes for the destination in our own bag. In a third, small bag that we share, we pack overnight essentials-toothpaste, razor, Tylenol, night clothes and a general change of underwear and extra travel clothes. That means that the bags left in the car are so heavy and hard to close that you only open them in an emergency.

MyHero, not wanting to have to manhandle the big bag decided to wash out his "you-knows" and let them dry overnight. Remember we are in the South! Damp things stay damp a lot longer. Guess what? The morning dew is still heavy on the old hip wear and chafing looks like a real possibility. Wait....wait....Light bulb going on...let's dry them in the hotel mircrowave. (Try to remember this next time you want to eat off the base plate in a hotel microwave). Hmmm...how many minutes for underwear? Nope! Not on the dial next to the vegetables or coffee. Allrighty then...let's (just for fun) try 2 minutes. What can go wrong in 2 minutes? How about a smoke filled room? How about the sprinkler system going off? How about the hotel fire alarm being activated? Okay....I lied about the sprinkler and the fire alarm but I had you going for a minute there, didn't I?

Okay- MyHero always was hot stuff but I don't think even he is crazy enough to bundle anything he owns into the baked briefs he now owns. I think SweetCheeks summed it up best. She covered her mouth with her hands to stop the giggles then asked, "Papa, didd yoah have a lwittle acceedent?" He tried to blame me but she saw right through him. "Areh yoah wearahin dat undahware in da carh cuz I tink dat is jusst cwrazy!" By now I am laughing so hard I am sick to my stomach. MyHero, however, fails to see HOW funny this whole situation is. He asks me if I would think it was that funny if it was MY underwear that burned up in the microwave. Ain't gonna happen I tell him because I ALWAYS pack underwear. I might forget a sweater or an extra pair of shoes but you can bet your sweet bippy I will NOT forget my underwear. Well, as I tell him, you can always turn yesterday's underwear inside out.....hmmmm...now THERE'S a thought~

And so our last day on the road is off to a humorous start..... (or not so humorous -depending on whether or not the bloomers belong to you). 450 miles to go- I can't wait!
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If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

Not only does Diana ALWAYS pack extra underwear, she also keeps a pair in the glovebox of the car, you know, just in case!

Jettie said...

OH MY, my coffee is flying from my nose, and I'm headed to find that clean pair of underware.
May I suggest, always going to the bathroom BEFORE reading this blog.

Debbie @ MeandMyDIY said...

Oh Diana....I'm a little late to the party, but this one is just hilarious! And yes, you did have me going. I could just imagine the sprinkler system and fire alarm going off and having to explain "Well, um, you see....I had these wet underwear...." Ha ha ha!