Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Morning-I Have Some Sad News

Today will be the last day I write a blog. I am done...the run is over.....SweetCheeks stories have dried up and blown away.....I am tired of doing this and I quit. Here is a picture-look how sad my poor dog looks~


Had you going just for a minute there, didn't I? can't get rid of me as easily as that. You are stuck now, aren't you? You get up in the morning and head towards your computer and wonder what the heck SweetCheeks and Company did lasterday. Right? Ha-Gotcha!

I love April Fool's Day! Every year I do the same thing. I get up and tape the handle of the kitchen sink sprayer down. Every year MyHero walks over to the sink (half awake) and turns the water on. Every year he stands there dumbfounded for several seconds until it dawns on him that he is wetting himself down and needs to turn the water off. Every year he is just as mad as he was the previous year. Oh, how I love consistency.

When I was a kid I would get up and put salt in the sugar bowl. Mother always liked a spoon or two of sugar in her morning coffee. It was kind of fun to watch her gag and cough. One year I even hollowed out the toothpaste tube with a Q-tip and put my foster brother's BrylCream (hair greaser in there). I always thought I was clever. No one else thought I was clever at all-most of the time they just thought I was stupid.

However, the award for the BEST April Fool's Day story I ever heard belongs to SecretAgent & family. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this....and I hope I got it all right because I got it from MamasBoy (who has a tendency to embellish a bit- Sheeez...imagine that). Anyway, SecretAgents' Dad, Joe, (his real name) was a teacher. Her Mom chose to be a stay-at-home Mom and lavished her love and attention on the 3 girls. As we all know, teachers (who spend more time with our kids than we do) don't make a lot of money. They teach for the love of teaching and shaping kids-they don't teach for the financial payoff. On March 31st several years ago there was a big lottery drawing and it was announced that someone in WI had won several million dollars. The morning after the announcement, Joe went out and bought himself a new ticket and "picked" those same numbers. He put it in his pocket, went to school and was sitting chatting in the teacher's lounge. They used to all read the lottery numbers and check their numbers together. So, the numbers were being read and Joe pulls his ticket out and matches the numbers up one by one. OH MY GOSH- Joe! You WON! YOU WON THE JACKPOT! Joe, was beside himself with glee (and not because he won). News spread like wildfire through the school. Unbeknownst to him, someone called his wife to congratulate her. All day long SecretAgent and her two sisters could barely sit in their seats. They planned trips to the mall and a family vacation. They bought a new house and new cars. They adored their Dad. Finally, the school bell rang out the day and they hurried home to hug their Mom and celebrate with a big family dinner. They sat down to say grace and Thank God for their winning ticket. Joe opened his mouth to pray and said, APRIL FOOL! HUH? WHAT? What do you mean April Fool? It took a minute to sink in and then they all burst into tears at the table. Can you imagine???? WHO would play a trick like that on their family? Joe! Shame on you, you devil...hmmmmm....wonder if there was a lottery last night? Wonder if MyHero knows the story? Wonder if I could get him twice...once with the sprayer and once with the "lottery winner" prank? Ooopps...gotta go...I hear MyHero-he is up and moving around. I gotta go watch the fun when he sits down on a toilet that has Saran wrap just under the lid....Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! I can't wait to shout- APRIL FOOL!
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  1. I hope MyHero is still in a good mood this morning, or that you have to go to work, and give him time to calm down.


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