Monday, April 12, 2010

First Communion-1st Things 1st

I think it might take 2 days to tell Lulu's first communion story. It was a day full of joy, laughter and a few tears.

The first mistake of the day was getting SweetCheeks dressed early. As soon as she had her dress on she ran outside. I asked her where she was going. She said, "I gonna descerate the fwront porch-dats where". Hmmm...What does that involve I wanted to know. "I gonna put sum plants in da pots das out heah". Ummm-maybe you shouldn't do that with your good dress on, I advised her. "Nooo-dats okay Nana, Mama dusn't care iff I dooed it-I jus gonna put dese in here". As she says this she is waving her sticks and then shoving them down into the winter dirt of the pots on the front stoop. Oh, and just so we don't get in too much trouble, let's recruit Lucy to do the actual "planting".

I finally coaxed the girls inside so we could watch Lulu getting ready for church. She had her beautfully simple dress on and her veil (Lord forgive me for cursing whilst I was sewing that lace trim on for the THIRD TIME because it didn't look quite right). Today, however, it hangs ever-so-nicely just as it should. SweetCheeks looks her over and asks, "Arhe you gettin murried today, Lulu?" "No," she says all embarassed because she is at that age when liking boys is akin to eating a cootie. "I'm making my first communion", she continues. "Well, I havin my fursth communion too!" "No, you're not", Lulu counters, "You aren't old enough and you don't even know what it's about". "Yessss I do! Isss gonna be puttin a dwress on and goin to chuch and eatin sumfin! See! I telled you I knowed whut isss wusss!". Lulu rolls her eyes and starts giggling. "Issss NOT funneee eeefer and I not goin cuz I hates chuch!"
After a swift admonishment from Mama TPot, SweetCheeks decided she was riding with me in my car. "Come on, Nannee, I isss wriding wif you and we can haf a steamah or sumthin at Starhbucks befowe we goes to chuch". Sounds good to me! As I am buckling her into the car seat she looks at me and very sweetly in her nicest voice says, "Nana, I wreally do hates chuch!"

Lord, help me get through the next hour without commiting holy murder.

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