Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pray For Me

Remember I told you that I had another "church story" coming up? Well, there are a couple-one of which I can never write about because it has a really naughty word repeated several
times ....hmmm...maybe I could use an imaginary word for THAT word...we'll see....but here is the event that is on my mind today.

Our Little Lulu is getting ready to make her first communion. If you are Catholic you know about first communion rites. If you don't~google it. In preparation for this special, and sacred event, there have been several things happening. One was that she made a special loaf of bread and took it to church a couple of Sundays ago. She was to give it to a complete stranger and ask that person to pray for her until the sacrament. When she told MyHero about it he asked who she gave it to...she said it was a stranger...he said...Yes, I know that but WHO is it? hmmm.....I wonder which part of
"stranger" didn't register?

When Lulu's Mom, TPot, made HER first communion there was a special meeting the day before; a practice. At the end of the practice the priest asked if anyone had a name of a person that they would like everyone to pray for. As a bit of background, this event was held soon after the Challenger exploded and was fresh in everyone's mind. My friend Ruth's Dad had just died in FL. I believe he had a heart attack shortly after the Challenger accident. My son, MamasBoy had never met him but had heard us talking about him. When the priest asked for names, MamasBoy waved his arm wildly in the air (this was before I could put a squelch hold on him because you never knew WHAT he was going to say). "Yes, lad?" asked the little Irish priest, Father Flynn. "And, who wouldja like us to pray for then?" MamasBoy's eyes flooded with tears. "I'd like ya to pray for my dear old grandfadder that died watching the space ship 'splode!'...tears now streaming down his face. I looked over at my friend, Kathy who had this perplexed look on her face and was mouthing, "What?" I shook my head and looked down and started scolding are going to lose it......Oh No! Here it comes....I have to put my head down on the pew in front of me because I am laughing so hard that I fear I am going to faint. A side glance out of my eye and I notice that Kathy, too, is bent double in her seat. "Lord, love this child, for praying for someone so dear to him", intones the priest. I reach over and yank MamasBoy down into the seat before he can add anything to his convoluted story.

As we are leaving the church Kathy and I are wiping our eyes (laughing in church is NOT a good thing) and people are telling me how sorry they are that MamasBoy's grandfather passed and ask if there is anything they can do. I simply say "No Thank You" because I don't want to explain the whole story. Kathy mouths, "Tell them to send cash!"
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Anonymous said...

May I be excused so I can go dry my eyes and change my clothes..then I have to do laundry. And I'll bet you didn't know that when I am laughing really really hard, this chair squeaks...

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