Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sew What?!?!

Lulu is always drawing, or cutting, or coloring, or doing some crafty thing. Now her newest, and most favorite craft by all means, is sewing. Yep-she got a real little sewing machine for Christmas and she came to my house for her first lesson.

I taught her to sew the way I was taught...sewing on paper with no thread.. I took a sheet of paper and drew a spiral from the center out to the edge of the paper. I made about 5 or 6 copies of that sheet. I told her when she was good at that and could stay right in the middle of the lines we would move on to squares. I showed her how to operate the presser foot and the foot pedal and went to make some macaroni & cheese for lunch. I had just about filled my pot with water when she said- OK- Now can I do a square? I told her that she needed to practice until she got good. Whereupon, she held up the sheet she had been working on. Perfect-Absolutely perfect! Oh-no-that means I am not gonna have time to get anything done because she is going to be sewing TODAY!

I got smarter as I went along-I only made 2 copies of the descending squares for her to practice on. I found that I only needed one but, as I told her, practice makes perfect. She stated very seriously, "But I thought you said this one IS perfect, Nana!" Ah, I did! Onward we go-what would you like to make? How about a skirt for her doll? A good beginner’s project. She whips through that in no time and is ready to move forward.

I tell her that I am tired and we will make something else another day. She smiles at me and asks, "Why are you tired, Nana? I did all the work!" And so she did.....

Next time I am going to have her make a snowmobile suit. Let’s see how quick she is at that!
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