Sunday, April 25, 2010


We left the Ball's house bright and early...well, as early as we could manage with pack up, clean up, Princess clad in costume (day 4-I don't know why we even bothered bringing any other clothes with us) & goodbyes all around. It is always a bit sad leaving the Balls and heading back. We never know quite when we will see them again or know what life may bring to us between visits. However, after dropping a few tears and much hand waving and kiss blowing we started back towards Orlando. SweetCheeks had so much fun at their house that she did not want to leave. "I juss wanna stay here with Miss Caroline", she stated. When we first arrived we told SweetCheeks to call her Miss Carol-she added the "line" all on her own which brought a smile everytime she said it.

To sweeten the 2 hour car ride we promised that we would find a special place to eat lunch. "I'm hungary", she said. "Well," I told her, "Keep your eyes peeled for a place to eat." (makes no sense, I know, but it was something my mother always said) When I looked at her in the rearview mirror she was all teared up. "SweetCheeks, what's the matter?" I asked her.Crying a bit she blurted, "I doan wanna peel my eyesballs cuz that will hurht". Huh? What? No - No - Not PEEL your eyeballs- just keep watch for a place to eat. "But Nannee, yoah sayed to PEEL myh eyeballs!" Okay-just say that I did-it's too difficult to explain to a 3 year old. I apologize...."Sorry~I was just kidding, SweetCheeks". "Isss NOT funny", comes the response.

Moving on down the highway we find a 1950's retro diner, Johnny Rocket, with good service and good food. SweetCheeks was quite enchanted with the place and proceeded to give us a good "review". "I lwikes dis placce...does them haf macaroni an cheese?" "I'm sure they do!" Wrong-o! Ooops...Nope-how about a kid's hamburger? "But, Nanneee, yoah sayed they had macaroni an cheeese". I start praying, "Please, Lord, let me keep my big mouth shut next time a question is asked~and before I answer" (my husband is nodding his head up and down on this request).

We finally decide that we WILL try the baby burger and as long as we can have LOTS of casshup we are good to go. As we are winding the meal up we notice a sign above the counter that has MyHero's nickname on it. We take a picture for the fun of it and are ready to leave. But wait....wait...what did we forget? Oh, yeah....we have to go potty and, wouldn't you know, the elastic rips out of our underwear (passed down 3rd hand from 2 older sisters) and they drop to the floor. We throw them in the trash and head out the door to buy some new ones 2 stores down. As a parting shot SweetCheeks announces to anyone that might be listening...."If yoah wanneny undeahwares deres sum on da baffroom floor.......and I ah nakey burd (naked bird).

As we leave we hear the standard Southern parting~ Thanks-and y'all come back REAL soon now, ya hear?! (I know they don't really mean it-but thanks anyway)~
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