Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Isn't (S)he Cute?

Through no fault of his own, my brother was a cross dresser early on. He almost became the sister I never had. My mother would, on occasion, let me dress him up in one of my outgrown dresses. Back then, no one thought there was any stigma attached to it...it was just funny. It was so funny, in fact, that my mother took a picture of it.

Today, if you dress a boy in his sister’s clothes the child psychologists and psychoanalysts lambast you from here to Kingdom Come. They will tell you, in no uncertain terms, that you might make him "gender confused", or worse....I never ask what "the worse" might be. I don’t want to know.

No...I think sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously. After all, my brother, Charles (his real name) has been called Charlie his whole life, and he is no sissy. (We don’t talk about the fact that there is a GIRL’S PERFUME called Charlie though, do we?) Truly, he is normal. Well, as normal as anyone in MY family will ever be~and that’s not saying much. Oh, he has his quirks, I guess- you know, little things, like after he uses the bathroom the toilet lid is NEVER up...and I don’t know quite what that means because at our house when MyHero comes out the lid is never DOWN. Oh, yeah...and I noticed that he usually wears loafers- not the kind with pennies in them so I don’t think there’s anything too significant in that either.

Anyway- He’s my brother and I love him and I am sure I will pay for this bit of fun at his expense in more ways than one- Just like when we were kids..... (By now the new lady in his life is wondering just who he REALLY is)- As SweetCheeks would say, "Sollahy Chollahy"!
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