Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Poser! Feedback Please.....

Well, I know I must be getting older than the moon...or at least I am from a different state than Wisconsin. Do you want to know why? Today, at work, I said I had a poser for someone. I was met with 3 blank (read that stupid) stares. (Hey~Can someone please tell me how to draw that stinking line through something once you type it out? I thought it was under fonts but I can't figure it out for the life of me!)

So~at work the response I got WAS:
What do you mean POSER? I guess they thought it was THIS:
NO~ Not someone that POSES, I told them.
OH!!! Came the reply...Then you mean someone that POSES AS someone else?
You a kid that walks around with a skateboard but doesn't know how to use it.
He's posing as a skater...
Is THAT what you mean?
NO~ Not THAT kind of poser...I mean I have a question for you...
Huh? What? Well, why don't you just SAY you have a question for me?
Because >YOU IDIOT<(implied not spoken) I want you to THINK about it
and not just blurt out an answer.
Hasn't anyone here EVER heard that term before?
Anyway-No one believed me until they looked it up in Old Man Webster's Book of Knowledge.

So...Here- Here's my POSER for Y'all (yeah, I'm just a little bit Southern at heart)

I am thinking of starting a 2nd blog-

One that would be devoted to home and pictures of THINGS and furniture RE-DO's,etc.

This one would stay the same-pics of family and stories of family,etc.-OR-

Should I just continue on like this and post the home stuff in here?

Seriously...whaddaya think?

If I DO do a 2nd blog it would still have my wacky sense of humor...

because I have found that you can't escape looniness now can you?

I secured a name already in case I decide to do it... Let me know what you think!

The floor is open for suggestions!

your photo name


WeeFaerie said...

I'm kind of partial to second blogs :) It doesn't cost you anything to try it and if you don't like it just drop the other one.

Sweet Tea said...

Me personally, I like having a mix of things in one Blog, that way it's easier for your blog friends to find you.

Debbie said...

For real?????? my first response was going to be...ARE YOU NUTS???!!!! but thought that was a little rude...
I can barely keep up with one blog, I doubt I could do two...especially working 32 hours a week. But..multi-tasking is a might have it...I don't.
I guess "whatever floats your boat" is a good way to look at it. If you really want to seperate your posts, then go for it toots!!!
I will follow, no matter how many blogs you have.

Lin said...

I had 2 blogs & had a hard time coping with them, so I condensed everything into one. Whatever you decide I know everyone will check it out, I love your wacky sense of humor, I would follow if you do another one!

Patti said...

I would think it would be easier for you to put all in one, but what every makes you happy!!!

Debbie~ said...

Hi Diana, I had two blogs, (well I still have two), one was for family and friends 'Hann~Me~Downs'
and then 'Baubles Buttons & Beads' for my jewelry business. But I realized not many of my family & friends read my blog, or if they did, they NEVER left a comment. I wasn't sure if I just blogging to myself, so I finally renamed it 'Cottage Hann~Me~Downs' and made it more about my love of everything vintage & Cottage style decorating around my home! Sometimes I may throw in my 3yo Granddaughter making cupcakes or just being silly...(because I'm Nana too). It's really all about what I love! Now I have lots of folks visiting my blog along with family & friends, but my fellow bloggie friends leave me messages and my family didn't! Oh, and by the way, thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment!!! :) Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

maddie/cadesmimi said...

First of all, let me apologize for not commenting more lately. Lots of things going on in family...but I have been keeping up through google reader. You've had some really good posts, by the way!
As for two blogs, I have two, and it gets to be a little overwhelming after a while. It's like trying to serve two masters. LOL If you choose to go with two, I'd suggest doing alternating posts, otherwise you will become a "blog slave" LOL

Julie Harward said...

Hi, thanks for your visit...poser huh, I guess I have not heard of that. Two blogs? I wouldn't want a second, but thats just me, I can do it all on one blog, I like blogs that do that. :D

If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

You already ignore the entire family when we come to visit you. If you start ANOTHER blog, you'll never leave your little desk and we'll just throw food and water at you every once in a while. But go for it, it that's what you really want.

NanaDiana said...

Your bedroom door has been locked and sealed, MiMi-I'll eat AT my desk-thank you! Love, Mom