Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Up North-

When we go Up North
we travel along the Lake Michigan side
until we get to Escanaba, MI.
The water there is beautiful and peaceful
and just the drive there
calms my soul.
In Escanaba we found this cute little place
that has the most wonderful faux street visage
painted on the side.
It was so real looking that
MyHero was disappointed that
he couldn't climb the steps.
Crazy guy!After leaving Escanaba we head West
(and North)
until we come to Lake Superior.
We always stay at the same place.
We have been going there for so many years
that we have our own special rate...
but I can't tell you what it is because
I am sworn to secrecy..
And they might not give me clean towels
next time if I told you
what we paid!
We have two favorite gals there..
but I didn't take their pictures..
Drat & Darn..
NO! That's NOT their names
I was just swearing under my breath because
I didn't take their pictures.
Their names are Amanada & Carrie.
We love you girls!
And next time I AM taking your pictures!Can you stand it if I show you the view from our room?
You won't send me hateful comments will you?
Oh...sooooo relaxing..
That is Grand Island across the water.
Remember I told you that MyHero
was a swinger?
He still is..
He can swing just about anyplace he goes..
he has GPS and can find
golfing spots all over the country.
Lord, thank you for GPS- NOT!!!
On day two we always take a ride to
Marinette, MI.
We pass this little place with a water wheel.
I'll have you know that someone almost
ran over us while we were taking this picture...
Even though I had my 4 way caution lights on.
Crazy Drivers!!! Don't they know a photo op only happens
when you are blasting along about 66 MPH
and have to swerve over quickly?
Sheeeeezzee...you would think I made them slam on their brakes
or something...
Patience, people, patience.
Blog woman in action!
And, the perfect end to a perfect day...
Do I need say more?
Yep...I can find places using GPS too...
See what I mean?PS- This is the ONLY Starbucks in the Upper Peninsula.
Do you want to know why?
Sure you do...
It's because MrStarbuckshimself...
was born and raised in Marinette!
So there is your little history tidbit for the day!
your photo name


WeeFaerie said...

You found the Starbucks! You rock! It looks like you had a beautiful trip!

Rene said...

Looks like fun. Thanks for leaving the comment today.


Anonymous said...

Love the photos, And of course leave it to you to find a Starbucks lol.

Marie said...

What fantastic pictures! I love the one with the water wheel. Totally worth risking your life for :-)

Debbie said...

Hi Diana~~don't you just love the big lakes in Michigan? My favorite is Lake Michigan. We used to spend LOTS of time there when I lived in Dorr...we even rode our horses in the dunes!
Thank you for offering to send the sheets for me. IF you happen to come across the white ruffle ones in a full size..would you let me know? I could send you a check ASAP!
Thanks darlin'

Heaven's Walk - said...

Yup! I KNEW that my sis would want those sheets from you, Diana! LOL! (psssst! she saw them in my guest room and fell in love with them....lol!) You are SUCH a sweetheart to offer to pick them up for her! xoxo

It looks like you and your Hero had such a great time at the lakeshore. What beauty!! I spent my childhood summers at my grandparents' cottage on Lake Michigan. Wonderful memories of that beautiful lake.

And for some reason, I just KNEW that you'd find a Starbucks up there, girl! :) What a hoot!

Hugs, friend!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk