Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gloria-ous At Sixty!

It's another
Two birthday parties this week.
But!!! This is NOT a MONKEY party..
Oh no it's not!
It is for the...
Lady in the Red Dress..
Red dress..
Red dress..
Lady in the Red Dress...
Turning 60 today!
MsGloria is the one who has kept the group together
for many, many years.
The only picture of her & her hubby didn't turn out! DRAT!
(but the Mr. knows that I ADORE him)
Don't you, handsome?
Anyway~Just when it seems
like all the old friends have disappeared,
MsGloria is the one that picks the phone up
and very nicely,
and oh-so-VERY-sweetly
in her lady-like voice says...
"Get your butts over here"...or something like that.
Except I don't think she says butts.
Oh, and come to think of it,
I don't think she says,
Get yourselves over here.
No~I think it goes something like,
"Would you like to come for dinner?"
Now, I ask you,
Who could ever turn our Gloria down?
Not this couple...
I must say MsKay (sitting next to MrRobb-the hubster)
has that deer in the headlights look-
She is much prettier than this picture shows..
and the sad thing is..
her identical twin sister was on the other side of us..
and I somehow missed getting that shot!

This couple is always fun..
Especially Ms.Laurie..
We are not allowed to sit together too often because
we are each other's best audience.
I must say...
taking this picture of her and MrDan...
I did NOT realize
that she was being this..well....this boobalicious-
Way to go-you hussy!
It's okay-she loves me.
Wish I could tell you who these people are
but I am the "newcomer" to this group.
I have only known them 35 years-
No kidding-
Most of these guys go all the way back to
After all,
this is the Midwest!
To end the night~
A birthday cake
for the birthday girl.
Notice how blurry the picture of MyHero is?
He was caught in motion..
to get the first piece of
birthday cake.
He is a
Bad Boy!
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Laurie said...

Love did make me laugh and thank you for finally noticing!!!

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Hi, I'm sorry I have been running behind leaving comments on your posts, but I have been following in google reader. Lots going on in my family lately... I loved the posts about the monkey outfit, and the monkey party--cause you know I have my own little monkey baby LOL I love, love, love the mickey mouse casserole dish:) Now, have you made that mac and cheese yet? LOL

Debbie said...

Hellooooo~~looks like a fun party! I'm sure it was....cause you were there! You always make me smile with your funny posts.