Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Post (Literally)

Last Thursday my daughter, Mimi, called me.
"Whatcha doin'?" she wanted to know.
I always lie and say~Nothing.
Sometimes she asks...Really?
I lie again..Yep! Really!
Big question coming up...
WHY DO YOU ASK? reason..
Okay then..
Well, I was wondering..
Wondering what, I want to know..
Wondering if you would like to drive to Sheboygan
and meet me half way (60 miles each side)
and just
hang out!
I can leave in 20 minutes..
how about you?
Me too!
Mind you - I have not even brushed my teeth yet..
OR combed my hair...
OR had my coffee...
OR ...well...I did, you know, go potty as soon as I got up..
So...that being said..
I am ready to go.
Wait...don't forget the bra...
we don't want to forget that...
At least if you forget your underwear no one knows...
usually...unless you are wearing see through white pants..
But we won't talk about that today.
But the bra thing-Yeah..that's another story. You can tell.
I can tell...Anyone can tell..
.Here's the Mama that loves the BabyE.
Look at that head of red curly hair...
On the Mom..BabyE is an apricot blond..
and smoochily delicious.
I am in Sheboygan driving along..
I spot... big deal.

We have 2 of them in GreenBay...but wait..
Let's just go in to, you know, look...


I have a friend that is looking for some white
ruffly Shabby Chic bed linens..

(now THERE'S a poser for you-WHY do they call them bed LINENS?)

Linen? NO ONE has real linen sheets anymore..

Well, someone might but if you do-don't tell me..or anyone else

Because then we will have to hate you--

just a little bit..even though we won't tell you that to your face.

As we are working on this house...Builder asks you want a linen closet here?

No-I tell him...I don't have any linens..I have plain old sheets.

He looks at me puzzled...(read that-like I am crazy)

Never mind-it was a joke...

(One that NO ONE got-except me- & I gotta tell you-sometimes those are the best jokes of all)


Let's get our butts back to Target!

Lo and behold...they are having a SALE..

Can you believe it????Of course, the one item I want to buy is


Or IS it?

I came..

I saw...

I conquered! Watch for it!!!!

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Lin said...

Don't you just love it when you can get a bargain! BabyE is just a cutie:)

time-worn interiors said...

I find myself spending more and more time with my girls these days on a whim! And I must say I love it! I have always been that mom, gotta work, gotta work, no more! Life is to short!

Sweet Tea said...

What a great "Serindiptious" Day.
Those days usually turn out to be the special ones we remember the most. BTW, your girls are GORGEOUS!!

NanaDiana said...

LOl SweetTea-I know the baby is gorgeous..but he's a boy! lol