Friday, July 2, 2010

They're Off-

The upstairs hall is
eerily quiet
and empty.

Two little girls got up early

& made their beds

All by themselves

SweetCheeks sweet little "beddie"
(that she barely fits in-but insists is
"her own liddle beddie")
is empty and
awaiting her

Even after they got up they rested....

& watched the Childrens' Channel

While waiting for something to eat..

(you will notice that SweetCheeks has dressed for the occassion)

All too soon they are dressed

And ready to say Good-bye to Papa~

And then hurry to get their sunglasses on

To head to the Sunshine State.

Have fun, Lulu-Have a good time, Ria!
SweetCheeks reply?
I YAM a guud girhl...and...
I gonna be gone a hundredt yeears and....

Yoah gonna be cryhing & cryhing & cryhing
cuz yoah is gonna miss me!
Now...ain't THAT the truth!
your photo name


Anonymous said...

Still crying?

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Oh, how will you live without them? I miss them between blogs for Pete's sake. I love how SweetCheeks dresses up to eat. I had to buy my granddaughter "a dress that you can sleep in" because she wanted to sleep in a dress every night. She loves her new night gown. Don't they just love their dress-up? Even if it's to eat in. By the way, those little beds are delicious.

Heaven's Walk said...

Diana - Thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog! It's always soooo nice to have you visit and hear from you! xoxo Now I understand why you loved my guest bed. I love your twin beds! They do look exactly like mine! Your guest room is so sweet and cozy. No wonder your sweet grandkiddos love staying at your home. They are the cutest! And you are the sweetest! Have a great holiday! :)

xoxo laurie@heavenswalk

Jettie said...

Okie doke, going to try again. 3 days that I haven't been able to comment.
Those beds are cute. The girls are beautiful,
And of course, what will you blog about while they are gone? I seem to remember a blog post several weeks ago where you promised to tell the rest of the story, at some later date.

Julie Harward said...

It breaks my heart...I can only imagine how you feel. So sad to see them go! But they will have so many fun memories! :D

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