Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We're Baaaaack~

The call came late in the evening.
About 9pm..
Nana, came the breathless voice,
We're home from Florida.
I know you really want to see us~
Can we come over and spend the night?
Huh? What?
Uh...not tonight, honey,
It's too late.
How about we meet in the morning?
I'll pick you girls & Mama up
And we'll go for coffee.
I'll drop you off at the auto repair shop,
And then I will go in to work.
Big sigh...

Guess where morning finds us?
Hmmm...guess who I see sitting outside?
Guess who I see sitting outside drinking coffee?
Guess who I see sitting outside drinking coffee with someone that ISN'T me?
Hmmm...it's my old friend (well, she's not THAT old)
I meant my friend from the old neighborhood.
She is not even ashamed to be drinking coffee with someone else.
Wait til I tell MyHero that my OLD friend, MsK, is cheating on me
With another coffee pal!
Come on girls~
Get out of the car~
Ignore the lady in brown...HA!
Just kidding-she knows I love her.
We work EXACT OPPOSITE schedules.
What's up with that?
But I know that we can pick up
on a moment's notice
exactly where we left off last time.
Lulu & Ria quickly escape
the bonds of their car seats
and fly out the passenger door.

SweetCheeks waits for some help.

Hey! Where did the flower go that you had in your hair?

And where, pray tell, are your shoes?

Never mind.

Come along child!They are bursting with excitment.

They have a beautifully wrapped package..

I think they wrapped it themselves.And inside is the most precious gift you can imagine.

It is a gift to make me cry with happiness

because I know 3 little misses debated over what to get me.

It is something I would never buy for myself

Ready? Smile!

It is a MICKEY MOUSE casserole dish.Now Nana!

You must make your special macaroni & cheese for us.

You make the best macaroni & cheese ever.


Just so that you, too, can please the little folks in YOUR life...

I am including my super-duper

cross-your-heart-(& I don't mean Platex bra)

secret recipe!


your photo name


Jettie said...

AH HA, so we now know your secret recipe. Think I'll call the company and sell it to them, lol.
I know you are happy that they are back home, but I was hoping you'd get a day or so to yourself before their return. And that did NOT happen.

Natalie said...

Oh, your secret recipe rocks!!! That is hilarious - I bet you make it for them all the time, huh?!

Lucky Nana! You got a very cool gift...the girls came home and a new casserole dish!

Sorry I haven't been by regularly...but I promise to visit again soon!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

That is the coolest casserole dish ever! I have a sister who collects Disney stuff — must forward this to her. I'm so glad the grands are home safely and I'm looking forward to hearing their sweet conversations through you again. Happy day!

Pam said...

I don't know why you would not have bought that casserole dish yourself? Who knew Disney even made such a thing? Good choice on mac and cheese though - so much better than the dry powdered type that you make on top of the stove.

Pam said...

BTW - I just checked my Followers box and it looks normal from here. Let me know if it still looks strange.

Anonymous said...

That dish is far too cute! Leave it to grandchildren to give us what we need most. :-))


Debbie said...

That dish is the coolest thing ever!! You lucky girl. So glad your honey's are home. My friend Laurie is like you described MsK...you pick right up where you left off...even after ten years!!! What a blessing to have such a close friend.