Sunday, July 25, 2010

We're Tempted...Yes We Are!

Thank you Martha Stewart for tempting me to try
a root beer float with MyHero
on a warm summer night.
Thanks again Martha for temptimg me
with an oh-so-very-chocolate cupcake. And The Joy Of Baking
makes me long to dive
headfirst into this
KeyLime Pie
(my personal favorite)
I have a recipe that is to die for..
well...not literally...
well...I suppose if you ate ENOUGH
KeyLime Pie
you COULD explode and die.
Personally, I like to eat enough just to feel pleasantly sick. But No~that is not what is tempting me right now..
No, indeedy..
What is tempting me is far more life-altering.
And it involves my daughter, TPot.
And it involves a lot of work..
And it involves a lot of fun...
And it involves THIS..
Which is attached to THIS...

Close your eyes to the blue and green STREETSCAPE.

Because that would *POOF* disappear...

We have a name...We have an idea..

We have..We have...


Almost enough courage to

Say YES!

Quick..quick..put your finger to the tip of your nose..

close your eyes..

and say...

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Stay tuned to see if your wish comes true..

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  1. Hi Diana, I am so excited for you! It looks like a gorgeous storefront! Its easy to see past the blue and green; wow, the possibilities are endless!! do keep us informed!! Any clues? Homewares? furniture? oooh, you lucky thing!!!
    hugs to you,
    Laura xxx

  2. What a beautiful building! Can't wait to see what you decide!

  3. i'm chiming in, *do it! do it!* and i don't know exactly what your plans are.

    it's for SALE, so maybe not a business...mmmmm. it's an amazing building and must have a good location too or you wouldn't consider it.

    i enjoy a good mystery!

  4. Do it, do it, why yes! Not sure like Janean said...but if you want to do it, do it! I am all for it!

    Can't wait to hear what it is all about... I am so excited, edge of my seat Diana! Hurry with the details!


  5. Diana!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOOO excited for you, dear friend!!!!!!! I do know what you're up to, ya know. lol! You can't keep that big of a secret from me. :) I sure wish we lived closer. I'd be your Employee of the Month... lol!

    Oh, and there's another thing we do have in common, dearie! KEY LIME PIE! My fav, too! The best one we found was on Sanibel Island, Florida. Lost count of the number of pies we eat our way through on vacations.....


    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  6. Laurie-Was it at South Seas Plantation? I used to live in Ft.Myers and dated the sheriff of Sanibel at one time (lol)-thought I would throw that tidbit in there for it always raises the hackles on the back of MyHero's neck....anyway...IF it is the South Seas Plantation KeyLimePie...I have the recipe....beg a little and it can be yours too! lol

  7. Do it! Do it! Do it! (Did it work?) About that KeyLime Pie? I hate to bake, can you just make it for me?

  8. Well, we're still thinking & planning...and maybe...just maybe....

    I love to bake (unfortunately-I like to eat it too) Do you think I should ship it to you in a box or an envelope?


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