Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Set Up-Revisited

Because I am working a horrendous schedule this weekend
I am posting one of my first posts about.....well, what else?
SweetCheeks & Company.
Hope it brings a smile to your face!
Listen closely- Do you hear the howl coming from the other room? It is SweetCheeks. She is howling because someone called her stupid. We need to get to the bottom of this matter because we don’t like calling anyone stupid.
When Tpot & Mimi were little they used to call their brother, Mama’sBoy, STUPID. As in,
Hey, Stupid, how come you missed that ball? Or-
Hey, Stupid, you’re a Mama’s boy! .
This was NOT allowed. Why? Well, as I told them, we do NOT want your brother to THINK he is stupid (he isn’t- quite the opposite actually) but, hey, we didn’t know that back then~ we just didn’t want anyone to think they were stupid. Because, as we all know..
Stupid Is As Stupid Does
...someone famous said that- Do you know who it was? Hmmm..
Not gonna tell you either-look it up-that will make you smarter if you have to do a little research. Plus, at our age (for my age and up) it is NOT good to let your brain atrophy. (There’s another word some of you might want to look up)..NONE of my regular readers need to-but you know, there might be a few stragglers in the crowd that are not as "with it" as the rest of us!
So, SweetCheeks is pouting because someone called her Stupid!
Her older friend, Daniel, swore he didn’t do it.
She said he did. He said he didn’t.
Finally, with an admonishment to both parties to "knock it off" the tears that were threatening to fall dried up.
The way TPot’s house is arranged one can be right outside the family room and the people IN the family room can’t see you.
SweetCheeks walks in front of Daniel and says very sweetly,
"Hey~ SAY Stooopid".
Nope-not gonna happen.
Now we know, in parenting circles, SweetCheeks is what we call an "instigator".
SweetCheeks tells him a bit more forcibly-
"HEY- SAY Stooopid".
Daniel shakes his head back and forth-That dog don't hunt!
No... he advises her-he doesn’t want to say Stupid.
Now, she resorts to cuteness and begging..
Now I ask you-Who could resist cuteness at its best?
PLEASE...Please....Just say STOOOPID! OKAY! He caves in, he is tired of looking at her face, and he finally says it~OK-STUPID!
Let the wailing begin- let the tears rain down- let the lip tremble- let the tattletale out of the box-
"MAMA! Daniel just sayed I STUPID"!
Aha! The jig is up! The game is over-
Mama is standing right outside the family room and has overheard the whole scenario. "SweetCheeks- he did NOT call you stupid- He said stupid because you ASKED him to say stupid!"
It’s a miracle-the tears dry up instantenously as she counters with~
"Pffffft...I know dat and HIMS stooopid cuz hims sayed it!"

One Time Out coming right up~ She doesn't mind. It gives her time to practice for marriage. We all know who is going to be "always right" in that household now, don't we?
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Debbie said...

Forest Gump.
Oh my Diana...needing a little pick me up today...and I guess I came to the right place.
Thank you for your heartfelt comment yesterday. I really appreciate you.

Sweet Tea said...

HI Nana Diana - Glad you stopped by my Blog today. Love to meet new people. Yes Ma'am I am one of those Straglers you refered to - I can feel my brain atrophying as I'm typing. Not to worry, it's totally painless...I signed on as a Follower too!

Heaven's Walk - said...

Diana - You are such a joy in my life! I always look forward to your posts and end up smiling and/or laughing by the end of them. And I can always hardly wait to see what hilarious comment you'll make on my blog when I post. lol! You are precious! You are going to have to meet up with Debbie and I someday! Wouldn't it be terrific if all of us blog-sisters could meet somewhere for a weekend and just hang out....? :)

Love ya, girl!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk