Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vacation? Already?

But there is SOO much to do
before we can leave!
We HAVE to spend the last night at
Nana & Papa's house!
We have to play with our
flying thingy!
We have to check to make sure our 4th of July flag is up!
We have to make sure that our hula hoop still works!
Are you sure it's time for bed, Nana?
I'm bathtime fresh AND
I've brushed my teeth!
And now I am snuggled down into sheets
Fresh from the clothesline-
With ironed pillowcases
sprayed with lavender water.
To sleep-
Perchance to dream~
To dream of tomorrow-
And our trip to DisneyWorld.
And, as SweetCheeks says-
(covered now with skeeter bites)
It's gonna be rweallly quiet arouhnd here, Nana!
It sure is!!!!

And all God's Children said, "GOOD NIGHT"~

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Debbie said...

What precious little ones. Have fun on your trip to Disney.
Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.