Friday, July 16, 2010

Peas Nana?

Now I know some of you
are going to be
green-eyed with jealousy
when you see our wonderful,
sparkling clean blue swimming pool.
Get your suit on and come on over....
Swimsuits are optional
but I won't be sharing any of those pictures here.When you are tired of swimming you can play
Ring Around The Rosy.
Remember that?
Who knew that this generation would still play
Ring Around The Rosy?
Not me!
I am so glad that these little girls don't sit in front of a TV
and want to play video games all the time.
At Nana's house there is always plenty to do outside.
There are all types of poses you can do~
With hula hoops~And other round things....Or you can just salute the flag if it strikes your fancy.
Princess costume not required. the end of a long day's play
You can come in and have a meal
fit for a Princess
or a bathing beauty...
SweetCheeks says...Pease Nana-
Hwurry uph-Iahm hongary!
Ok-SweetCheeks-did you say PEAS?
Huh? Did you?
Remember my new and wonderful
casserole dish?Guess what lies underneath the lid!
There were giggles all around...
which makes me
very happy!
SweetCheeks comment?
Dat duss not luuk nuffing like Mickey Mouse!
Do tell!
your photo name


Jettie said...

and that kind of pool, I might could deal with, anything larger and I prefer to let someone else do the cleaning.

Did they eat the peas?

maddie/cadesmimi said...

How creative you are with your new casserole dish! Love it!