Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's A Monkey Party!!!

The Invitation
Arrived quite a while ago.
I was wondering what kind of party
Mimi & TheIslandScout
would host for
BabyE's first
The outside looked like this~
I opened the monkey's mouth
and saw this~
I called Mimi and asked what the party's theme was.
"Ha! Ha! Very funny"! was the response I got.
Well really!
She wanted to know if I had seen Martha Stewart's
Monkey Cake!
Well, look it up!
I did!
See below~
Now how cute is that, I ask you?That means I have to go shopping...
I know that Mimi wants a gift card for pictures.
BabyE needs a one year picture taken.
(along about Baby #3-she will be lucky to get a 5 year old picture)
But, in time, she will know that.
Oh, drat!
That means I have to go to the MALL.
I am NOT a MALL person!
I like little independent shops...
And Resale Shops-
And Antique Shops-
But that's just me~
It's off to the Mall~
Here we are-
I give them money and they swipe a card
and off I go.
Wait! Wait! What is that I see right around the corner?'s the Gymboree shop!
They might have a little something to add to
the gift card package.
I walk in and am greeted by THE CUTEST
sales clerk.
Isn't she a doll?
And..she was just as sweet as she looks!
Can I help you?
Nope~just looking!
I look and I see this...
Nope nothing there for
The Little Man.
Wait a minute!
What's that I see?
NO! It can't be!
I move closer!
Ohhh-How cute is that?
A monkey jumper!
I am so excited I am grinning
from ear to ear
like a lunatic!
(Apologies to any lunatics reading this)
Can it get any better?
Yes it can!
We have MONKEY SOCKS!Sweet little salesgirls rings everything up.
You are only 27 cents away from a
$25.00 coupon!
Well...what can I find!
Found something but...
I can't show you yet.
I'll bet you can't wait
to see it.
But you'll have to.
Because right now..
I am going to show you...
The cutest monkey of all~

Happy Birthday BabyE.

We are blessed to have you!

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Debbie said...

Hi Diana~~~looks like you found gifts that go perfectly with the theme of the party. Your little "monkey" birthday boy is adorable!!!
Your posts are always fun.
Have a great time at the party.

Lin said...

Those are the perfect gifts for a Monkey Party, have a great time :)

Jettie said...

I hope Baby E enjoys the gifts as much as you enjoyed the shopping, even if you don't like Malls.
Now come on, what else did you get?

Teresa said...

Oh oh oh oh oh!!!!
A MONKEY cute is that!
ANd those MONKEY clothes...those are the cutest!
Can't wait to see pics of the party!
I'm not a MALL person either sweetpea! xo

Heaven's Walk said...

LOL! You are a riot, Diana! And such a fun grandma, too! Your little grandkiddos must just adore you!!! Hope the Monkey Party is the cat's meow! lol!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk