Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do I LOOK Naughty?

I promised my friend, Jettie,
(who never forgets ANYTHING apparently)
that I would tell the
"Rest of the story", as Paul Harvey was fond of saying.

The picture below is me myself!
A happy-go-lucky little Miss.
My Father thought everything I did was funny.
My Mother thought nothing I did was funny.
It made for some uneasy family meals.

Below you will see me standing next to my Aunt Erma.
One of my Father's sisters.
She is holding one of her pride & joy grandchildren.
She is happy.
That's her happy face.
Notice how she is ignoring me?
See how happy I am?
As a reference guide
Compare it to the picture above.
See what I mean?
I was NOT Aunt Erma's favorite niece.
As a matter of fact, I think I was on the bottom of her list.
Why? Why you ask?
Well, it started with a can of paint
(kinda like this one)

I think I was about 7 (or maybe 8)

I believe my age was


(Accompanied by a red face to match her red hair).

Anyway, the best I remember it..

I took her white house paint..

and I just stirred a wee bit of BLACK paint
into all the cans.
There were lots of cans.
There were enough cans to paint her whole house
and she had a BIG house.
My father asked me if I did it.
I said..YEP!
He asked WHY?
I said..Because I did.
My Auntie said that was
My Father suggested she paint the house grey.
She did NOT think that was funny.
She did NOT think I was cute.
My Father bought her new paint.
She got to keep the old paint too!
Now I ask you...
Was that fair?
your photo name


Jettie said...

OK OK I give, that was funny. I have a feeling that you were about as welcome as I was, at some of our relatives. It wasn't because I was 'bad', I just had that same truthful way of saying things. Like the time I begged mom's aunt to let her grandkids come and spend the night at our house, 'so they could all have a bath'. lol, It was just a simple statement that no one ever forgot.....
But I was actually talking about the move to Florida, and the church story there...

Julie Harward said...

Sad...but it does sound like you did some very inquisitive things! Once I was tending a little nephew and he took a hammer and went all along my new cad, leaving little dents...I didn't laugh! :D

Debbie said...

Oh yeah...I think we all have a relative that didn't take a liking to us at some time in our young lives. My grandmother said it was too bad I wasn't pretty like my cousin Eunice....her name alone should tell you how ugly she was. As a matter of fact, my Dad said she was so ugly, she should have been twins, to split up the ugliness.
It's okay...I've forgiven my grandmother...she's no longer with us.

NanaDiana said...

Okay-Well now I am laughing RIGHT OUT LOUD Debbie! I had a cousin Eunice too! She was plug ugly also...(geez-I hope none of her immediate family ever finds this blog). I had a grandmother that (as a compliment) used to pinch my cheek and say, "Oh-you're so nice and fat"-lol She had gone through the Depression and I'm sure that was a compliment to her.

Jett-OH THAT story...okay...when I get back home tonight I will write that one out if you promise to be good.!

Jettie said...


But you know what they say about promises.......
that they are made to be broken...

NanaDiana said...

I'll have to write that one on a later night-I have to find some pictures from that time period to go with the story-lol I will tell another Naughty Me story though~