Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh! The Things They Will Say...

You remember our friend,
Father John?
Of course you do!
You just met him yesterday.
You would think that after a few family fiascos
he would learn to say,
Sorry! I can't make it.
However, when we moved back from Florida
he was anxious to see us
and made a trip to our house~
for dinner, of course ;>)
Before he got there we quickly put our dog, Sugar,
into the garage.
She was in heat. Nuff said.
Father John was quite fond of Oldest son.
Oldest son had just started dating
a very nice young lady
named THE GIRL.
We knew her parents and liked them a lot.
Oldest son started talking about THE GIRL.
He is proudly showing off pictures of THE GIRL to Father John.
MamasBoy is leaning against Father John.
Because he loved him AND
because he didn't want to miss a word.
He was listening to Oldest son wax eloquent about
Uh-Oh! SOMEONE has let Sugar
out of the garage and into the house!
MamasBoy is the only one that notices.
Father John is engrossed in the conversation
and looking at the pictures of THE GIRL
Hey! Father! MamasBoy quips. gotta watch out for her
(he is talking about Sugar, the dog)
(the priest assumes he is talking about THE GIRL)
MamasBoy continues...
She's not supposed to come in here cuz....
She bleeds from the bottom, ya know?
The priest continues to dutifully study pictures of THE GIRL.
MamasBoy is on a roll now...
Yep! Ya gotta keep her away from a boy or she'll have babies!
I see a slow flush creeping up Father John's neck and onto his face.I decide this conversation needs some steering...
John! John! I tell him..
MamasBoy is talking about the dog...
The dog is in heat! (not knowing any other term to use at that particular moment in time)
OH MY! Says Father John,
relief flooding his voice.
I knew he was precocious but I thought that was a bit much
And so it was.
Amen &
your photo name

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Anonymous said...

Bwahahahaha too funny. You really need to write a book.

Lisa x